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Come to Pilsen for the Liberation Festival in May

Liberation Festival in Pilsen commemorates the heroes of the last days of second world war.

During the first week in May the city of Pilsen will once again commemorate the liberation of the city by the US Army at the end of the WWII. It was in 1945 when Czechoslovakia was liberated in May and the World War II ended for the whole Europe. While the bigger part of the Czech Republic was liberated by the Soviet "Red" Army, the southwest of Bohemia and Pilsen were liberated from the Nazi Germany by the 3rd US Army of General George Patton. An extraordinary festive atmosphere with American flags everywhere and historical uniforms, vehicles and many cultural events will be enjoyed from May 3rd to 6th.

  • Traditional Parade: Convoy of Liberty or Royal Air Force Military Camp

The biggest attraction of the festival is the Convoy of Liberty- a parade of historical military technology which you can watch in the city centre on Saturday. The convoy will start at 11am. You can admire two hundred pieces of military historical technology. Traditional military historical camps which will present the period equipment as well as everyday life of the liberators will be again an inseparable part of the main festival programme. On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Air Force also a Royal Air Force campsite will be introduced. The Liberation Festival is concluded on Sunday by the memorial act “Thanks, America!” which will take place by the monument in the Americka Street: Traditionally, this memorial act takes place always on May 6 which is the date of the arrival of US liberators' tanks to Pilsen.

  • Rich Cultural Programme

The cultural programme of the festival will help you to feel the right post-war euphoria. The opening ceremony will be held on Friday by the American band The Count Basie Orchestra which was awarded 18 Grammy Awards. In addition, you can look forward to fly-overs of the air fighters of the Army of the Czech Republic as well as to historical military aircrafts, various exhibitions, pious acts, meetings with veterans or interactive competitions for families with children.

One of the many attractions are historical military camps where you can observe the day life of WWII soldiers and their weapons.