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Come to Pilsen in May and Enjoy Delicious Food and Great Drinks

Fresh festival in Pilsen will tease your taste buds.

If you are a fan of good food and drinks, in May you have a great opportunity to connect a gourmet experience with visiting of the city of Pilsen. During May, the city hosts several gastronomic festivals. In the Czech Republic, there is a saying that May is the time of love. On the other hand, Czech people also know that every love goes through stomach first. There will be no lack of delicious food and drinks so why not to connect learning about the city with making your taste buds happy?

  • Festival of Soup

Traditional Czech soups, vegetable creams, great bouillons, soups with the taste of the Mediterranean Sea or completely exotic soups of all tastes and smells – this all you can taste on Sunday, May 14th in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery.  Chefs of local restaurants and bistros will prepare the soups directly in the yard of the brewery on open fire in huge 40-litre metal cauldrons.  It is up to you if you taste just some of them or if you try them all, you will not leave this festival hungry.

  • Fresh Festival – the Biggest Gastronomic Event of the Pilsen Region

Fresh Festival is the biggest gourmet event of the region. Within two days (May 20th and 21st) it offers top gastronomy, culinary shows and very interesting additional programme. Visiting the festival gives you a unique opportunity to taste menus prepared by the foremost Czech chefs of the best local restaurants. The motto of the event for this year is “Taste the World” and the organisers arrange a small journey around the world for you. Traditional Czech cuisines will be served together with Indian, Vietnamese, American, French and Mediterranean specialities. 

Non-traditional experience for your taste buds will be offered by menus prepared by so called experience gastronomy which includes molecular and extreme catering but also the world of entomophagy which is well known phenomenon of serving various types of insect. Moreover, tasting of special beer brews, high-quality wine samples and great coffee is prepared for you. Dessert lovers will be happy too. Fresh Festival takes place in the area behind the Plaza Shopping Centre (Radčická Street not far from the New Theatre). Both days the programme starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 8 p.m. on Saturday and 5 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets will be available at the entrance.  

  • For Good Wine and Beer

Not only beer is very popular in Pilsen. Wine has its fans here too despite not being grown in the area. You will be offered more than 150 samples of the best wine on Saturday, May 20th while walking along the wine path near the Bolevecky Pond in the northern part of the city.  All lovers of wine will appreciate great selection of wines from well-known wine areas and they will enjoy walking in the nature too. Nevertheless, the following Saturday will be dedicated to beer. Almost 30 small breweries will prepare at least 60 special beer brews which will be served during a beer festival called Brewstock. The festival takes place on the last Saturday in May on the river bank of the Mze River very close to the historical city centre.