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Enjoy the Indian Summer in Pilsen

Indian Summer inPilsen is still warm and nice.

Photo: Ladislav Renner

Mornings and evenings are a bit colder now; however; even in September the summer continues in Pilsen. Outside tables of restaurants and cafes are still attracting you to have a seat. Parks surrounding the historical city centre are blooming and the city is full of life. If you take a trip to Pilsen at this time, you will definitely not get bored. We recommend planning the trip for a weekend when most of events takes place during the Indian summer.

It is not possible to separate Pilsen and the beer and, therefore; there is a lot of events related to the place where the world-famous beer was born.  When taking a Pilsner Urquell tour, you can taste dozens of soups varying from traditional Czech flavours to exotic ones on first September Sunday thanks to the Soup Festival. They will be cooked on open fire in 40litres metal cauldrons directly at the brewery yard. Two weeks later, Festival of Regional Food takes place in Pilsner Urquell brewery. You can observe culinary shows there and try various regional dishes.

Each year, the outstanding celebration of brewing of the first batch of the Pilsner Urquell beer is held. The very popular festival called Pilsner fest annually attracts thousands of visitors. This year you can enjoy the beer fest on Saturday October 7th. We shouldn´t forget to mention the festival of microbreweries called the Sun in the Glass which introduces smaller local as well as foreign producers in the beer yard of the village green in Černice at the outskirt of Pilsen. This year on Friday September 15th and Saturday 16th, you will have a chance to taste beer from almost seventy breweries from all over the world there.

During the last week in September the streets of the historical city centre will be invaded by buskers and street artists. A few dozens of them will come to Pilsen for Pilsen Busking Fest. You will enjoy music, theatre and acrobatic performances. You are also invited to Pilsen Wine Festival which takes place on the last Saturday in September in the parks surrounding the central square with the St Bartholomew Cathedral. You will be able to taste high-quality wines from Czech and Moravian vineyards.