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Exhibition Nomads Offers an Exclusive Sleep-over

Exhibition Nomads in Pilsen offer an exceptional sleep-over.

Nomads are not only Bedouins travelling through a desert on a camel back. Nomads are all people who, for one reason or another, travel constantly from place to place. The exhibition located in the yard of the creative zone DEPO2015 is dedicated to their culture. DEPO2015 itself was created within the project Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 within the area of a former public transport depot.  Apart from a daily tour, the exhibition Nomads offers also something very special – a sleep-over. You can choose from seven various nomadic shelters and for a fee of several hundreds Czech crowns you will get the experience of being a nomad.

An experience sleep-over in temporary and mobile accommodation is provided in a tent on the roof of a Trabant or a Favorit, in a solar-powered caravan, in a miniature “pin-up house” or in a suspended tent which is located directly in the yard of DEPO2015. The authors of the exhibited objects are mostly street-art artists who gained certain experience with the artistic way of life in the streets without a roof above their heads. The exhibition reflects the topic of the nomadic life style and constant travelling. Utopic, innovative or unusual solutions for mobile housing are presented both by Czech as well as foreign architects and designers. 

  • DEPO2015 is freely accessible every day apart from days booked for events. 
  • Book your accommodation in one of the seven provided nomadic accommodation facilities using the email address:, the price ranges from 400-600 CZK (15-20 EUR). 
  • For more information go to