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July Events in Pilsen. Where to go?

PIlsen Cathedral, the Czech Republic, in the summer.

Photo: Ladislav Renner

  • Vivid Street Festival – Behind the Door is Theatre (July 10th – 12th)

During the summer season, the city of Pilsen gets alive with the Vivid Street Festival. This year again, the festival will be opened by the theatre block called “Behind the Door is Theatre” which takes place from July 10th to 12th in the Mill Race. You can look forward to Brothers in T-shirts and their Cross-country Skiing Odyssey, new-circus shows and puppet theatre performances. All events organized within the festival are free of charge.

  • Jewels with the Scent of Petrol (July 21st – 23rd)

Bugatti or Mercedes? All admirers of historical vehicles are invited to DEPO2015 during the last but one weekend in July.   Polished and glossy historical sport cars, limousines, utility cars as well as the legendary three-wheel vehicle Velorex will be presented. The refreshments too will be prepared in the period style.

  • City of Games alias Holiday by Bolevák (July 22nd)

The last but one Saturday in July presents a traditional event – the City of Games near the Bolevecky Pond.  Many theatre, dance and music performances are prepared for you together with entertaining activities and various competitions. Come and sing along the music group Slza and you can get the signatures of its members after the concert too. The event programme is finished by fireworks which starts shortly before midnight.

  • Beer-tapping School (July 22nd – 28th)

During the three-hour-long course in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery you will learn how to tap various types of tapped beer, taste the world-wide known lager together with traditional Czech goulash. As a souvenir, you will get not only the newly-acquired skills of a beer-tapping master but also a beer glass with your name on it. A guided tour of the brewery is included in the programme of the course. To book your tickets go to

  • Summer in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery (July 6th, 13th, 16th, 20th and 27th)

During the summer months, the yard of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery becomes the “it place” for many interesting cultural events.  In July, you can regularly spend your Thursday evenings here with performances of music groups such as UDG (July 6th), Kurtizány z 25. Avenue (July 13th) Lake Malawi (July 20th) and Peter Bende Band (July 27th). On the third Sunday in July (July 16th) you can enjoy a dance party in the Formanka Pavilion accompanied by the music band Dixieland o páté. Updated information about the entire festival which ends in September is available here

  • Exhibition Nomads in DEPO2015 (June - October)

Until the end of October, DEPO2015 offers an outdoor exhibition dedicated to people who, for one reason or another, are always on the move. Apart from the exhibition which can be visited during the day, also an experience of a sleep-over is provided.   You are invited to spend a night in one of seven nomadic shelters and experience yourself what is it like to be a nomad for a fee of several hundreds of Czech crowns. You can choose a roof of a Trabant or Favorit, a solar-powered caravan or a suspended tent directly in the yard of DEPO2015. To book your accommodation in one of the seven provided options use the e-mail address, the price range is from 400 to 600 CZK. For more information go to

  • Farmers’ Markets (July 1st, 15th and 29th)

Farmers’ Markets continue during the summer too. On first, third and fifth Saturday in July the area between the St Bartholomew’s Cathedral and the City Hall changes into a market place. Come, taste and buy seasonal fruit, vegetables and high-quality food produced by local farmers and manufacturers. The markets start always at 8 a.m. and finish around noon.

  • Summer Baroque Festival (July 8th, 14th, 21st and 22nd)

Three splendid Baroque locations in the Pilsen Region -Zelená Hora, Tachov and Plasy welcome an interesting cultural event during July. Among the most expected events there is the concert of the world famous soprano Eva Urbanová in the monastery in Zelená Hora. Furthermore, there are guided tours, Baroque exhibitions and many other events. Enjoy the Baroque style by using all your senses. 

  • Guided Tours of the Loos Interiors (every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday)

Also during July, three guided tours of the Loos Interiors take you to the newly reconstructed apartments designed by the world-wide known architect Adolf Loos. Come and see his unique design of saloons, dining rooms, bedrooms and custom-made apartment equipment. The interiors demonstrate his timeless designs, sense for use of natural materials, and constant focus on practicality for everyday use. The guided tour can be booked online in advance here.