Pilsen Busking Fest Introduces Buskers from all over the World

During the four festival days, Pilsen will become a European busking metropolis.

Pilsen Busking Fest in the historical city centre.

Every bigger town has a busker and you would definitely find a few in Pilsen as well. However, if you are planning your trip to Pilsen at the end of September, you will be able to admire musicians, dancers, actors and other artists and performers from all over the world. A few dozens of buskers will perform at the Pilsen Busking Fest. During the four festival days, Pilsen will become a European busking metropolis. For example, the Israeli folk group Forest, the Czech – British duo Leny Laszlová & Todd Captain, the Australian guitar virtuoso Ziggy McNeibo and Czech jazzman Dominik Feri are going to perform at the festival.

Busking (or probably we can also say street art) is not a new form of art. It has existed since the Antiquity. It doesn´t matter whether you will follow artists according to the planned programme or you will just surprisingly bump into a five-member brass music group performing the Rocky theme song. Each of the artists needs to convince you to stop for a while and donate a few crowns, euros or pounds into his hat. The form of reward is your only ticket for the festival as all the artists are going to perform for free.

During the festival, you will meet artists at almost every corner of the historical city centre of Pilsen between noon and 10 pm. In front of the main building of the West Bohemian Museum  in Kopeckého sady you can also take the opportunity to use an open mic and taste how it feels to be a busker. You can also attend interesting lectures or try a bee-yoga session during the festival.