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Semler Residence Can Be Visited until the mid-May Prior to Its Reconstruction

The Semler Residence designed by Adolf Loos is waiting for its reconstruction.

World-wide known architect Adolf Loos designed several apartment interiors in Pilsen at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, four of them are open to visitors in three guided tours of the Loos Interiors in Pilsen. However, since mid- May 2018 it will be only possible to see the Brummel House and the apartments of the Kraus and Vogel family. The Semler Residence, the only one of the Pilsen interiors by Adolf Loos in which the principle of the raumplan (the cascade layout of the rooms within the house) was used, will be closed for two years due to the planned reconstruction.

  • Visit the Semler Residence until the mid - May

If you have not had a chance to visit the Semler Residence yet, we recommend participating in one of the guided tours until 13th May. The guided tours take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets must be purchased in advance in the Tourist Information Centre next to the City Hall on the Republic Square or online via Adolf Loos Pilsen website.

  • What can you look forward to after the reconstruction?

After the extensive reconstruction, the Gallery of West Bohemia plans to re-open the Semler Residence to visitors in 2020. While only a part of the Oskar Semler's original apartment is currently accessible for public, in the two-year horizon it will be possible to see the entire reconstructed interior of the house. The renovation of the Semler Residence includes, among other things, restoration of original rare natural materials which were used and furnishing of the interior with the replicas of the original furniture. A visitor centre should be located there and a Loos Cafe. Also, the garden and the surrounding of the house in 110 Klatovská Street will be renewed during the reconstruction.