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Winter Events in Pilsen

 Snow by the river in Pilsen (Visit Czech)

Photo: Alan Novák

The season of the open-air events is going to start in March. The beginning of the season may be a bit slow but never less interesting. The specialities of the street food stands from the entire world will be served during the DEPO Street Food Market. A lovely walk through the non-traditionally lit Pilsen will be offered by the Blik Blik Festival of Light. The cultural season will continue by the festival of classical music called Smetana Days.


On first Saturday in March (March 4th) the gastronomic festival DEPO Street Food Market invites you to taste a large menu or to have just a small snack.  Tens of food stands will offer traditional as well as non-traditional specialities from many parts of the world. At one place you can taste a wide range of fast food specialities. 

  • Blik Blik Festival of Light

The following weekend the Blik Blik Festival of Light prepares a spectacular show for you. Many historical buildings and sights in the historical city centre and the nearby area of Roudna will be brought to life by various light installations and video mapping by Czech as well as foreign artists. The festival takes place on Friday and on Saturday evening   (March 17th and 18th). The walk through Pilsen at night with hot wine is lovely with your friends or also as a nice opportunity for a late celebration of St Valentine’s Day.

  • Smetana Days – Festival of Classical Music

The festival Smetana Days carries the name of one of the most famous Czech composers Bedrich Smetana. In Pilsen the annual festival takes place under the supervision of Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra. The festival traditionally invites Czech music bodies playing classical music, foreign soloists, conductors and orchestras.   At the same time, the festival does not focus only on classical music. This year the festival takes place from March 2nd to March 23rd and it offers jazz, world music, opera and performances for children too. There will be tens of music performances and concerts prepared for you. Every year the prologue of the festival is the Masopust carnival which is a traditional old Czech event celebrating the end of winter with a costume parade and music performances. The tickets are on sale and they can also be booked via the booking portal of the city of Pilsen -  Plzeňská vstupenka or on the website where a full version of the festival programme is provided.

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