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DEPO2015 Has Become a New Culture Point

DEPO2015 in Pilsen. Visit the Czech Republic. Visit Pilsen. 

DEPO2015 was created from the former depot of the Pilsen Public Transport Company within the project Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015. In the autumn 2014 there were still trolleybuses and buses parked here but now, DEPO2015 is the “it” place in Pilsen. The area of DEPO2015 invites you for unique exhibitions, concerts as well as extraordinary new projects which were missing from the cultural life of the city before. In the upcoming year many events will take place here and you should not miss them. We selected the most interesting events for you.

  • After the exhibition “My Plastic” you can travel by a Trabant to the end of the world or among Nomads 

The exhibition called “My Plastic” introduces interesting design pieces of art which were created from recycled plastics and it can be visited in DEPO2015 until February 28th.  The exhibition is definitely worth visiting. For 2017 the city of Pilsen and the organisation Pilsen 2015 prepare many interesting projects. In the yard of DEPO2015 a new exhibitions starts in June and it is called Nomads.  By means of several caravans, trailers and vans you will learn more about the nomadic life style. In some of them you can even spend a night and become a nomad for one night only. The last big exhibition of 2017 will be commenced in October and it will be an interactive exhibition “After the Baroque”. The exhibition will be devoted to families with children and introducing interesting topics from the area of architecture, music, history and gastronomy.

  • Delicious food and festival of beer

DEPO Street Food Market became a stable part of regional gastronomic festivals. First edition of the festival in 2017 takes place during first weekend in March and it will offer fast food specialities from all over the world. This theme will be common with other Street Food Markets which will take place during the Festival of Liberty in May and on October 28th during the celebrations of foundation of the Czech Republic.  Second weekend in June brings a beer festival to the area of DEPO2015 with a wide range of offered beer types.  

  • Drone Fest

Even though drones were the bestseller of the last Christmas it is not easy to pilot them in compliance with all requirements of the air-traffic control. The area of DEPO2015 and the Centre of Robotics prepare a Drone Fest during first weekend in June so that you can learn more about the individual types of drones and their features as well as watch them during many competitions. 

  • Treffpunkt invites you to taste Bavarian beer, sausage and Bavarian culture

The two previous years of the festival of Bavarian culture were visited by many people and it certainly found its fans in Pilsen. This year the festival Treffpunkt takes place both in German Regensburg and in Pilsen in DEPO2015. The festival starts on October 20th and finishes on October 22nd. It will introduce current Czech and Bavarian culture completed by exclusive gastronomic offer of Bavarian beer and local specialities.

  • Pilsen Design

Last year the city of Pilsen introduced a new event and this autumn again our own small “Design Blok“ is organized. An exhibition of current Czech design is called Pilsen Design and it will take place in November, 2017 in the area of DEPO2015 introducing not only young starting designers.