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Enjoy Baroque Summer in the Pilsen Region

There is a lot of lovely Barque buildings in the Pilsen region in the Czech Republic.

Baroque. For some people too decorative and opulent, for others too soaring. Either way, Baroque style is a significant part of Bohemian landscape as Baroque sights are the most common here. The Pilsen Region boasts about many splendid Baroque sights such as monasteries and chateaus which will astound you with its splendour, grandiosity and mystery. 
The best way to learn more about the Czech Baroque style by means of all your sins is the visit of the Summer Baroque Festival which takes place in the Pilsen Region for the second time.  Eight significant Baroque sights will be brought to life from June to August with various cultural events. There are concerts of Baroque music and theatre performances, fashion shows introducing Baroque fashion, night guided tours of chateaus and churches, Baroque fireworks, cuisines, entertaining programmes for children and many interesting and unique experience arranged for you.  

Interesting Baroque events are prepared for visitors of Mariánská Týnice, Zelená Hora u Nepomuka, Hrádek u Sušice and Manětín. Furthermore, catacombs and Jesuitical College in Klatovy, monasteries in Tachov, Plasy and Kladruby will be part of the festival too. The Baroque Summer Festival in West Bohemia starts on June 10th in Mariánská Týnice.  Cultural programme for both adults and children will start at 2 p.m. and it will be concluded by a concert of Schola Gregoriana Pragensis and Baroque fireworks. The last event of the festival is planned for Saturday, August 19th in Manětín with a Baroque day for families with children.

The Summer baroque fetsival is a full of interesting events.