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Events You Should Not Miss in Pilsen in June

The summer evenings in Pilsen are beautifull.

  • Riverbank Festival – Náplavka K světu (May 25th – June 30th)

Not only Prague, but also Pilsen has its own river bank where it gets very lively and something interesting happens. During the month of June, an interesting mix of events is waiting for you on the river bank of the Mze River. There will be music, cinema, dancing or boating and a pleasant bar. Children will have a lot of fun too.

  • Dronfest (June 1st – 2nd)

Both young and adult fans of unmanned aircrafts will be thrilled by the unusual show presented during the Dronfest Festival, which is hosted by DEPO2015. The programme of one of the biggest events of its kind in the world offers a show of dozens of drones, demonstrations of flying with drones and races of professionals. Admission fee is free of charge.

  • Metalfest Open Air Pilsen (June 1st - 3rd) 

For the famous Pilsen MetalFest event, fans from all over Europe come to the city every year. The festival promises to be packed with energy-filled music performances. This year, Nightwish and Apocalyptica will be the main stars of the festival which takes place in the Lochotin Amphitheatre.

  • Beer Tapping School (June 1st – 16th)

The Pilsner Urquell Brewery invites to you join the lecture prepared by its beer tapping masters who will teach you how to tap the beer for the special types locally known as “hladinka”, “čochtan”, “šnyt” or “mlíko”. Besides unforgettable experience, you will also go home with a beer glass with your name on it.

  • International Folklore Festival CIOFF (June 6th – 10th)

The folklore festival will present Czech folklore ensembles as well as guests from all over the world - this year they arrive from Spain, India, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia and will perform on the stage U Branky in Smetanovy Sady. People will sing, dance and play musical instruments for the audience but you can also look forward to the Old Bohemian fair with demonstrations of folklore craftsmanship, folk dance workshops and a costume parade though the city.

  • Historical Weekend (June 8th  – 10th)

The weekend festival will take you back in time. You can look forward to fencing tournament, period theatre and music performances, traditional fairy tales full of jugglers and classic crafts, and on Saturday evening there is as usually a Ghost Parade. This year's programme will also include thematic activities focused on the period of the First Republic.

  • Brewstock (June 8th – 9th)

Beer, beer and beer again in DEPO2015. Moreover, together with good food and music. There will simply be so many minibreweries from the Czech Republic and abroad that you will hardly get the chance to taste at least one glass of beer from each of them.

  • Wine Path near Bolevecky Pond (June 9th)

Some people may say that wine and the city of Pilsen do not go together. But, the opposite is true. Perhaps we do not grow wine here, but at least occasionally we invite those who understand wine and know how to produce it. Near the Great Bolevecky Pond you will be given a perfect opportunity to taste about 200 wine types from 20 different wineries.

  • International Meeting of Peugeot Veterans (June 10th)

Eighty exclusive Peugeot veteran vehicles from all over Europe will fill the courtyard of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery from 11 am to 3 pm, a roadshow will take place in the lower courtyard from 11 am to 6 pm and you will also see the Dakar Speciality Peugeot 3008 DKR. Entrance to the event is free of charge.

  • Skupa’s Pilsen (June 13th – 17th)

If you like entering the fantasy world you should not miss the international puppet theatre and alternative theatre festival called Skupa’s Pilsen which will show you the best of the Czech puppet and alternative theatre scene and add some great foreign productions too. This year, the Forman Brothers Theatre with the performance called Deadtown will be a part of the interesting festival programme.

  • Summer City Fest (June  22nd – 23rd)

During the music festival on the Ostende Beach by the Great Bolevecky Pond, performers such as Ben Cristovao, Majk Spirit, Indy and Wich and many other dance artists will show you their music performances on two stages. And of course, if it is a summer festival on the beach so there will also be various water sports and a lot of fun.

  • Gambrinus Day (June 23rd)

The largest beer garden in the Czech Republic right in the historical centre of the city, four types of the Gambrinus beer, four stages full of Pilsen music bands and a lot of fun. That is the Gambrinus Day. The programme will include also the Beer Tapping School or the Finals of the Gambrinus Beer Master Competition.

  • Night with Opera – Turandot  (June 29th) 

After a year, the Lochotin Amphitheatre will host a magnificent open-air opera event again. This year, Puccini's opera Turandot can be enjoyed in its scenic staging. A unique musical and visual experience awaits you.

  • Exhibition 100py: One Hundred Years of the Republic through the Eyes of Five Generations (May 17th – October 31st)

The creative zone DEPO2015 has prepared an interactive experience exhibition called 100PY: One hundred Years of the Republic through the Eyes of Five Generations. Look at the story of a Pilsen family on the background of the important historical events of the past century. The exhibition is complemented by various audio-visual elements and original objects borrowed from famous Pilsen-born inhabitants.

  • Farmers’ Market (every Saturday)

Every Saturday, the Republic Square carries the smell of sausages, fresh pastries, marmalades, herbs, chocolates and many other delicacies. Verified regional high-quality food, seasonal vegetables and fruit waits for you on the stalls. You will certainly not be disappointed even if you decide to have breakfast right on the market. Farmers’ Markets are located in the area between the City Hall and the St Bartholomew’s Cathedral and they start always at 8 am and finish at noon.