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First Half of June Brings Historical Weekend, Folklore Festival as well as Night of Churches

International Folklore festival in PIlsen, the Czech Republic.

Are you choosing the best time to visit Pilsen before the summer holiday? Then search no more. The second weekend in June is the best time for a trip to Pilsen because the city centre will bring at least three very interesting events. First, the historical city centre hosts a Historical Weekend as well as an international folklore festival. On Saturday evening Pilsen churches will open their gates for their visitors and give you a great chance to visit the areas at this non-traditional time as well as to see various places which are not available for public during commonly provided guided tours.
This year of the Historical Weekend in Pilsen brings the city 400 years back into the period when Rudolf II. Habsburg, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire exchanged Prague for Pilsen for a year and lived here during the plague epidemy. The city centre and the nearby area U Ježíška will change into a stage presenting knight fights, jugglers, theatre, music and dance performances. As a part of the audience you are invited to participate in a horse tournament or to be a witness of a battle reconstruction from the begging of the Thirty-Year War.  Do not miss a visit of a historical market or traditional Saturday evening Parade of Ghosts.

The programme of the Historical Weekend in the city centre will be completed by performances of Czech and foreign folklore ensembles which will participate in the International Folklore Festival CIOFF Plzeň.  The stage U Branky not far from the Republic Square will provide a great place for dancing, singing and playing musical instruments.  A parade of special traditional costumes accompanied with songs from various parts of the Czech Republic will include visitors from many parts of the world.