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My Plastic Exhibition in DEPO2015 will Present First Class Recycled Design

 „My Plastic“ Exhibition in DEPO2015 will present first class recycled design .

Various plastic products have flooded the world. In the best case garbage containers are full of them, otherwise they are everywhere around, in rivers, seas and oceans, and contaminate even the creatures living in Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world´s oceans.  What can be done about it? Is there any meaningful usage for them? The answer to this question can be found at the exhibition My Plastic in DEPO2015, opening for first visitors on October 11. Creative and often daring solutions are presented by more than ten artists and designers. An interactive playground for children is also part of the exhibition.

For the first time in the Czech Republic one of the famous stools of the Sea Chair  type that are made directly on a whaling ship from the plastic fished from the sea by artists Alexander Groves a Azusa Murakami will be on display. Meaningful use of plastic waste is presented also by a Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. He designed four basic machines for local plastic recycling. One of these revolutionary devices is now working in DEPO2015. During the exhibition visitors can test it and “feed” it with their own plastic waste. Also a renowned PET artist Veronika Richterová will take part, as well as Plastique Fantastique from Berlin or visual artist Nicole Taubinger.

Pilsen sculptor Benedikt Tolar designed, among other things, a children´s playroom made from plastic containers and paddle boats from colourful dustbins. His interactive children´s playroom is also a part of the exhibition and is open from October 5. Visitors who participate in the exhibition success and in spreading the ecological idea by bringing clean plastic for recycling to DEPO2015 will be rewarded. The organizers prefer hard plastic such as PET bottles lids, detergent bottles, toothbrushes or Lego pieces.

  • The exhibition in DEPO2015 will last until February 28.