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Opening Hours of Some Sights Change with the Ending Tourist Season

In some pictures Pilsen may look like a small town, but it has a lot to offer to tourists.

Photo: Petr Ježek

At the end of October, the main tourist season in Pilsen comes to its end. The weather is more and more cloudy and the days when you can sit outside become rare. However, it certainly does not mean that Pilsen is not worthy visiting in this period. On the contrary, just when planning your trip, it is good to count on the fact that the weather might not be so great. We prepared a list of some changes for you too which you should keep on your mind when visiting Pilsen out of the main season. At the same time, we included some tips on how to make the most of your trip even in bad weather.

1) From November 1st until the end of March, the DinoPark is closed for visitors. The Zoological Garden has shorter opening hours too, it is open daily only from 9am to 5pm.

  • Our tip: If you go to Pilsen with your children and the weather is not good, take them to the Techmania Science Center. They will find here a variety of interesting exhibits which help them to discover the mysterious world of science and technology. You all will have a great time there and maybe you will learn something new too.

2) For the winter period, the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art is also closed. The museum is located in the original building of the former Franciscan monastery. Unfortunately, winter season and cold weather does not do any good to both the museum exhibits and its visitors.

  • Our tip: Visit some of the interesting temporary exhibitions in the Gallery of West Bohemia or the Museum of West Bohemia. In the Museum of West Bohemia, you can enjoy a visit of the medieval town armoury as well as permanent exhibitions devoted to various topics from history and archaeology.

3) Both the Great and the Old Synagogues are also closed for winter period. Furthermore, one hour earlier, i.e, at 6 pm, the tower of the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is closed.

  • Our tip: If you get to Pilsen and the weather is rainy but you still want to explore the historical centre from the above, look at the city from the café Cross Café which is located on the top floor of the local "skyscraper" in the Anglické nábřeží. Through the glass but feeling warm and with a cup of good coffee, you will like Pilsen even in a snow blizzard.

4) The number of guided tours is reduced also by the Pilsner Urquell Brewery during the winter months.  We recommend booking of the brewery tour in advance at

  • Our tip: Beer history of the city of Pilsen will be also introduced to you by the Brewery Museum. It is open daily from 10am to 5pm. At the cash desk, you can rent an audio guide which is provided in eight different languages.

5) Unfortunately, in autumn and in winter you cannot have your coffee, snack or lunch outdoors. In winter, most of the popular cafes and restaurants close their gardens.

  • Our tip: Do not worry. Great beer, traditional Czech and international cuisine, excellent coffee and delicious desserts can be enjoyed all year round on many pleasant places while staying indoors. If you still feel cold, have a cup of hot wine or grog and your frozen fingers will be warm again in a minute.