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Pilsen Theatre Attracts Foreign Audience

Pilsen theatre attracts foreign audience. Visit Pilsen and teh Czech Republic. 

The Pilsen J.K Tyl Theatre ranks among the largest theatres in the Czech Republic. The theatre features four ensembles and it performs in two architectonically interesting buildings. Each of the buildings offers different space and therefore also different experience.  The spacious building of the Great Theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings in the historical city centre.  Since 2014 Pilsen can also boast about the building of the New Theatre which is one of the most modern theatres in Europe. This season the J.K.Tyl Theatre plans to introduce 24 premiere performances and one spectacular open air opera event.  In 2017 the opera gala performance will introduce the most famous opera arias composed by Verdi together with Carmina Burana by Orff in its scenic staging.   The event is named Night with Opera and it will take place on June, 23rd in the Lochotin Amphitheatre.

The theatre repertoire offers a number of interesting performances and titles. Foreign theatre-goers mostly prefer various ballet performances. Among the classical titles there is Swan Lake or Romeo a Juliet, the ballet performance of Spartacus is very popular too.  In March the theatre will introduce a premiere ballet performance of Oliver Twist prepared by the dancer and choreograph Richard Sevcik who chose the music by Rachel Portman, a famous British movie music composer (e.g. the movie music in Chocolate, The Cider House Rules, etc.).  The dance musical Edith – Vrabčák z předměstí starts its unbelievable 16th season in the repertoire of the theatre. The musical tells the life story of Edith Piaf and it combines modern dance with live performances of chansons. The principle is shared by another successful dance musical Freddie – The King of Queen. Also the musical performance of famous Cats can be highly recommended to visitors of the theatre. 

Opera fans will find their new experience too. The Great Theatre will introduce the performance of Evzen Onegin by Cajkovskij, Macbeth by Verdi and the most famous Czech operas: Sold Bride and Rusalka.  In the New Theatre the visitors can see poetic performance of Madam Butterfly by Puccini which fully uses modern features offered by the high-tech equipment of the new building. All opera performances are performed in original language, upon agreement in advance some selected performances can be completed by German subtitles.   For more information about individual performances, go to the newly provided German and English websites of

  • Dates of performances for the period from February to May 2017 (change in the programme possible): 

  • Swan Lake (ballet):  8. 3., 12., 18. and 20. 4., 9. 5.
  • Romeo a Juliet (ballet): 9. and 14. 2., 19. and 31. 3., 3. and 20. 5
  • Spartacus (ballet): 25. 3., 16. 4., 27. 5.
  • Oliver Twist (musical): 18., 22. and 30. 3., 5. ,  23.  and  28. 4.
  • Cats (musical): 26. 3., 9. , 14. and  22. 4., 7. 5.
  • Edith (musical): 1. and 29. 4., 12. 5.
  • Freddie (musical): 1. and 29. 3., 23. and  25. 4., 6. 5.
  • Sold Bride (opera): 5. 3., 14. 5.
  • Evzen Onegin (opera): 11. and 24. 1., 23. 2., 10. and 21. 3., 26. 4.
  • Macbeth (opera): 5. 2., 12. 3. 2
  • Butterfly (opera): 21. and  27. 1., 1. , 3., 7.  and 16. 2., 15. 3., 13. and 4., 10. 5.
  • Rusalka (opera): 8., 14. and 22. 4., 2., 4. and 7.5.