June Events in Pilsen. Where to go?

DronFest (June 2nd-3rd): All fans of pilotless aircrafts are invited to Depo2015 which will host a unique festival DronFest at the beginning of June.

Summer in Pilsen is full of nice open air events and good beer.

All fans of pilotless aircrafts are invited to DEPO2015 which will host a unique festival DronFest at the beginning of June. The programme of one of the largest events of its kind in the world offers a parade of tens of various types of drones as well as companies which are active in pilotless industry.  You can look forward to various lectures, exhibitions and demonstrations of flying with drones. The programme of the festival does not forget children. Admission is free of charge.

The area of Pilsen Amphitheatre Lochotín will be filled with loud sounds of electric guitars and drums at the first weekend in June. The main stars of the festival are music groups Tanja, Sharon Den Adel, Hammerfall and Max & Iggor Cavaliers. Metal Fest ranks among one of the biggest metal festivals in the Czech Republic. For more information go to www.metalfestopenair.cz.

First and third Saturday in June the area between the St Bartholomew’s Cathedral and the City Hall changes into a market place. Come, taste and buy seasonal fruit, vegetables and high-quality food produced by local farmers and manufacturers. The markets start always at 8 a.m. and finish around noon.

Running fever in Pilsen continues and this time it brings a special race- a very colourful one. The race is 5 km long and during the race the runners will be covered by colours. The whole-day programme of the event will bring music performances, competitions and an after party.

International Festival of Modern Dance and Motion Theatre returns to Pilsen. Dance and theatre performances will be seen in Moving Station, on the Republic Square, on the river bank and in the area U Zvonu. For more information about the festival and its programme go to www.tanecpraha.cz.

Folklore groups and ensembles from the Czech Republic as well as abroad prepared their performances full of music and dancing. Within the wider programme of the festival you can experience the old-Czech fair with exhibition of folklore handcrafts. The most updated information is available here www.mffplzen.eu.

At the second weekend in June parents and children will have a lot of fun during many events which are prepared for the festivities of the historical weekend in Pilsen.  Look forward to knights, period fair, music and theatre performances, fairy-tale path and an interactive children stage. Together with other costumed people you can participate in the parade of ghosts. You will find more information about the Histroical Weekend in the article here.

For only one day every year you have an amazing opportunity to visit churches in Pilsen and its close surrounding in the dimly lit evening and night atmosphere. Many of the places prepared guided tours of the premises, exhibitions and additional cultural programme.

Thirty small breweries, more than 150 types of beer, a competition in beer tapping and the best beer of the festival in five categories together with additional music programme – this all will be offered at the second weekend in June by the Beer Fest which takes place in DEPO2015 in Pilsen. Look forward to adrenalin attractions and competitions for great prizes.

Those who really enjoy sparkling wines shall not miss the Day of Bohemia Sekt which takes place on the second Saturday in June in Starý Plzenec. Sparkling wine of local production will be served and additional cultural programme will keep you entertained.

The Amphitheatre in Lochotín hosts once again a spectacular open-air opera event. This year the Night with Opera introduces the most famous arias by Verdi together with Carmina Burana – the most famous composition by Orff in its scenic staging. The stage of the amphitheatre will be filled with hundreds of performers. Unique costume setting with almost one thousand period costumes promises a unique and splendid spectacle. Tickets are available here:

What can be better than to start your summer on a music festival? On the beach of the Bolevecký Pond musicians such as Ben Christovao, Majk Spirit, Marpo, Chris Davis and many others will perform for you. You can spend the night in the camp-site Ostende and release the excessive energy by bungee jumping, paddle boarding or other water activities.  For more information about the festival go to www.summercityfest.cz.