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Starting April Loos Interiors Open for Public Three Times a Week

Starting April Loos Interiors Open for Public Three Times a Week

Apartment interiors which were designed in Pilsen by the world-wide known architect Adolf Loos demonstrate modern, unique and timely unlimited design, use of natural materials as well as its practicality for everyday life.  Four from more than ten interiors which were created in 1930s for Pilsen businessmen of local Jewish community can be visited every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday since the beginning of April. Three different guided tours take you through the reconstructed apartments, their salons, dining rooms and other rooms which even today tell the tragic fates of their original owners.

The Apartments of the Kraus and Vogel Family

In the apartment of the Kraus family your eyes will be caught by originally decorated living room featuring oppositely located mirror walls, green-white marble used on the wall tiling and by a ceiling covered by dark mahogany wood. Furthermore, the original bedroom was preserved until recently featuring practical fitted built-in wardrobes. In the other apartment – of the Vogel family the dining room is beautifully tiled by golden travertine stone.

The Brummel House

The interior of the two-generation residence of the Brummel family belongs among one of the most preserved interiors and until now it still belongs to the descendants of its original owners. Apart from a dining room and a living room with a copy of a monumental Provence style fire place it also offers a view into a blue-yellow room, a bathroom and two bedrooms.   The guided tour includes an exhibition about Edita Hirsh who was a painter and a cousin of Jan Brummel. Edita Hirsh was a member of a surrealistic group “La Main a plume“(A Hand with a Pen) and a close friend of Pablo Picasso.

The Semler Residence

The last guided tour of the Loos Interiors is devoted to the Semler Residence which will surprise you mostly by its interestingly organised inside area. The Semler Residence is the only place in Pilsen where the principle of a so-called Raumplan was used. The house is not divided into individual floors in the entire area of the house but it is divided into several half-floors creating various levels in the house. The guided tour will take you to the representative living hall and also to the kitchen which still features its original furnishing and equipment. 

Guided Tours

  • Since April 1st the guided tours are organised every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at given times. Until the end of March the guided tours are provided only on Thursdays and Saturdays. 
  • We recommend to book the tickets in advance on the websites
  • Furthermore, it is possible to buy the tickets directly in the Pilsen Tourist Information Centre. 
  • Every Saturday at 11:30 the guided tour of the Kraus’ and Vogel’s apartment can be arranged in German. Other guided tours are arranges in Czech and the visitors are provided detailed materials in English or German.  
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Guided Tours for Groups

Guided tours of the Loos Interiors can be ordered for groups too for any preferred date. In case of interest for more information and a price list please contact Magdalena Soukupova(, +420 378 037 966).