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What Events to Enjoy in Pilsen in the First Half of 2018?

Pilsen in the Czech Republic is woth visiting in every season.

Photo by Libor Sváček, archiv

During the year the city of Pilsen offers a wide range of events. We selected four of them for you because these four events offer an exceptional experience. However, even other events ranging from various cultural festivals, through exhibitions to gastronomic and beer festivals will be a great opportunity to enjoy your time in the city. For a complete overview of all events go to

  • Festival of Light BLIK BLIK (March 16th – 17th)

The Pilsen Festival of Light BLIK BLIK will illuminate Pilsen for yet another year with its original light installations, video mapping and other visual effects. This year the festival celebrates its 4th anniversary in Pilsen and every year it attracted more than forty thousand visitors. In the anniversary-themed year a part of the festival route will be styled in the theme of the First Republic. The route of the festival will also lead you to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery area. Relax in the middle of March from the winter fun and go out with your friends and enjoy the unusual walk through the evening Pilsen. You can combine the visit to the festival with a tour of the brewery and taste one of the best beers in the world right from its source.

  • Liberation Festival (May 4th – 6th)

Pilsen is the only large city in the Czech Republic which commemorates annually the liberation of the city by the US Army in May 1945. The annual several-day long celebrations include a rich cultural programme and many military history related events.  A spectacular convoy of historic military vehicles will take place on Saturday, May 5. You will see more than a hundred pieces of historical military technique. Look forward to visiting military camps, enjoying fashion shows and listening to great music.

  • Exhibition One Hundred Years in the Eyes of Five Generations (May 17th – October 31st)

One hundred years is rather a long time. However, if you plan to visit the exhibition which starts in May and ends at the end of October you can have a look back through the period of last five generations within the course of only a few hours. The exhibition in DEPO2015 in Pilsen awaits you with an exposition which will take you through the five breakthrough moments of the Czech (and Czechoslovakian) history. However, do not expect extensive historical interpretation of the events, rather the opposite. The exhibition will introduce the individual periods in a playful and interactive way through the everyday life. You will see period fashion, furniture, toys, bicycles and family photographs from the end of the First Republic, through the beginning of Communism, of the Prague Spring period, normalization until present.  Because there is never enough of retro style.

  • Night with Opera –Turandot (June 29th)

The Pilsen J.K.Tyl Theatre offers a lot of experience to both Czech and foreign visitors. At the end of June, the theatre prepares already the third year of the spectacular open-air opera event. The Night with Opera which attracts thousands of spectators to an unconventional opera experience every year takes place in the outdoor amphitheatre near the Pilsen Zoological Garden and it promises outstanding cast of the main characters, high number of performers, sophisticated staging and first-class costumes. This year, the theatre will present the scenic performance of Puccini's opera Turandot. Turandot is a simple fairy-tale story - the cruel and cold Princess Turandot assigns her suitors with various puzzles and death waits for those who cannot unriddle them.