Press trips

We regularly organize press trips for journalists; provide story themes and further necessary support. Even if we are trying to maximally satisfy journalists´ needs, the capacity of press trips is limited. If you decide to enrol for our press trip we kindly ask you to specify the newspaper or magazine you are representing, its target group and a scope of the text you are planning to write after your visit.

For the forthcoming months, we are planning the following press trips:

18 – 20 September 2020 (Fri – Sun) Microbreweries, Festival Sun In The Glass  

The festival of microbreweries Sun in the Glass takes place in the microbrewery Purkmistr in the area of Pilsen - Černice. The whole presstrip is devoted to the beer.       

Friday 18 September:

  • Meeting at the hotel desk at 16 o´clock. Guided visit of the historic city centre including visit of Patton Memorial Pilsen
  • Dinner – Czech modern beer cuisine. Beer tasting in microbrewery.

Saturday 19 September:

  • Pilsen Underground and Brewery Museum
  • Lunch – Czech traditional cuisine with beer tasting of Pilsner Urquell.
  • Afternoon – Festival of microbreweries Sun in the Glass in Černice district. Beer tasting of different sorts of beer from microbreweries from Czech Republic and abroad. Beer competition. Individual stay at the festival.
  • Dinner – individually or organized according to the weather 

Sunday 20 September:

  • Pilsner Urquell brewery – visit and beer taping school
  • Purkmistr – the beer spa and visit of the microbrewery (to be confirmed)
  • Lunch and after lunch departure

15 – 17 October (Thu – Sun) Puppet tradition in Pilsen and festival Skupova Plzeň

The tradition of Czech Puppeteering has been listed into the UNESCO.  Pilsen is one of the most important places related to the traditional Czech art. The programme of the presstrip is complemented by visit of top tourist sites and festival of puppetry Skupova Plzeň. 

Thursday 15 October:

  • Meeting at the hotel desk at 16 o´clock. Guided visit of the historic city centre
  • Dinner – Czech traditional cuisine

Friday 16 October:

  • Visit of the puppet Theatre Alfa - workshops where puppets are made, interviews with puppet masters, actors and the director of Theatre Alfa
  • Guided tour of Puppet museum
  • Lunch – Czech modern cuisine
  • Puppet performance of Alfa theatre
  • Festival of puppetry Skupova Plzeň
  • Dinner and free time

Saturday 17 October: 

  • Visit of Pilsner Urquell Brewery and Brewery museum
  • Lunch 
  • Performance of “Bouda theatre” for children and visit of their archive
  • Guided visit of Adolf Loos Interiors
  • Dinner and free time

Sunday 18 October:

  • Workshop with Animanie – discover how to create an animated movie with puppets 
  • Lunch. End of the tour around noon

4 – 6 December 2020 (Fri – Sun) Pilsen in Christmas time

During the Advent period, Pilsen has a totally different look, enjoy its unique atmosphere at the time.
Friday 4 December:

  • Meeting at the hotel desk at 16 o´clock. Guided tour of the historic city centre – special Christmas themed tour in the decorated and illuminated city centre. Free time at the Christmas market.
  • Dinner – Czech traditional cuisine

Saturday 5 December:

  • The Puppet museum and Museum of West Bohemia
  • Guided visit of Adolf Loos Interiors
  • Purkmistr – beer spa, visit of the microbrewery, lunch.
  • Ethnographic museum
  • Czech Christmas habits (St. Nicolaus and devils party, etc.)
  • Dinner - taste of Czech Christmas traditional cuisine

Sunday 6 December:

  • Visit of Pilsner Urquell Brewery and Brewery museum
  • Lunch. End of the tour around noon.

Changes of programme reserved.
The presstrip includes accommodation in 3* or 4* hotel, full board, guide, transportation in Pilsen.Information and booking: 

This programme is organized and funded by Pilsen - TOURISM and CzechTourism

 Pilsen - TOURISM organizes regularly press trips for journalist from all over the world.