Beer Tapping Miniguide

Beer isn’t poured. It’s tapped!

“The brewer brews, but it’s the inn-keeper who makes the beer.” This wise old saying points to how important the tapping of the beer is for its resulting taste. There are several styles of tapping and a skillful “tapster” can offer four different versions of the same beer over the course of one evening even though there’s only one type of beer flowing through the pipes.

A large beer with foam up to its brim that is tapped in one pour at a 45-degree angle after an initial layer of foam is made in the glass. The foam should always be thick and creamy and should last on the beer for several minutes. Only this kind of foam can act to protect the
beer and ensures that the beer keeps its proper “zest”. The moment you start to drink, rings from the leftover foam should begin to form on the inside of the glass. How else can the barkeeper tap a beer for you?

A small beer poured into a large glass in which there is more foam than beer. This is an ideal beer simply for tasting or to have just before leaving when you want to slowly finish drinking and another large beer would be too much. Czech writer Karel Čapek also wrote about the beauty of the “Šnyt”.

At first glance the beer is reminiscent of a glass of milk, as the glass is completely filled with creamy beer foam. The magic of mlíko lies in downing it in one gulp. Mlíko has a very smooth and sweetish flavour and is popular mostly among women.

A beer poured almost completely without foam. The Čochtan is highly refreshing and ideal for quenching thirst. But, don’t forget to drink it as quick as you can, as the beer will quickly become flat without its foamy cap.