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Beer Bars and Pubs

You can enjoy great moments over a glass of beer in Pilsner pubs and restaurants.

Pilsen abounds with beautiful and stylish pubs. It’s no surprise that some of them specialise in the local treasure – a carefully and lovingly poured Pilsner – while others offer excellent specialty beers and delicacies. Let us introduce you to some of them.

U Salzmannů

  • The oldest pub in Pilsen has been in operation since 1637. You can relish Pilsner beer and traditional Czech specialties in a stylish ambience.
  • Pražská 8 (Pilsen), +420 377 235 476,

U Mansfelda

Pivovarský šenk Na Parkánu

  • A well-known Pilsner beer house in one of the original brewing houses is directly connected with the Brewery Museum. Traditional lager as well as unfiltered Pilsner Urquell and classical Czech gastronomy.
  • Veleslavínova 59/4 (Pilsen), +420 377 324 485,

Na Spilce Restaurant

  • One of the biggest restaurants in the Czech Republic. It is located in the courtyard of the Pilsner Urquell brewery in the space of a former fermentation cellar, the so called “spilka”. You can taste eight draught beers here and food of both Czech and international cuisine.
  • U Prazdroje 7 (Pilsen), +420 377 062 755,

Comix Excelent Urban Pub

The Pub

  • Non-pasteurised Pilsner beer that you can draft by yourself at your own table. Every table is part of an on-line beer competition, so you can compare skills not only with the beer drinkers at the other tables in the pub, but also in other towns all over the country.
  • Pražská 1 (Pilsen), +420 377 321 001,

Lokál Pod divadlem

  • Good beer and home-style cooking in a retro style restaurant. The beer here takes the path of least resistance – straight from the tanks into the pints, and stays fresh till the last gulp.
  • Bezručova 34 (Pilsen), +420 377 927 231,

Švejk restaurant Plzeň “U Pětatřicátníků”

  • A restaurant reminiscent of the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy where, surrounded by the ubiquitous face of the Good Soldier Švejk, you’ll get a sense of the original Czech pub atmosphere.
  • Riegrova 12 (Pilsen), +420 725 810 258,

Klub malých pivovarů

  • This “club of small breweries” offers eight different beers on tap every day. This adds up to 800 beers from 250 microbreweries across the Czech Republic every year. Complemented with nearly a hundred types of bottled beer from all over the world and good food.
  • Nádražní 16 (Pilsen), +420 774 790 979,

Francis – Brewhemian Beer Café

  • In addition to Pilsner Urquell on tap, this beer café offers draught beers from the Zhůřák and Raven breweries, a fourth – rotating – tap and a fridge full of Belgian specials and more.
  • nám. Republiky 3 (Pilsen), +420 797 977 799,

Pivstro – Brewhemian Beer Bistro


U Kance

U Bizona

Modrá Hvězda Beer Club



  • In the cellars of Pilsner Urquell, in rooms used as dining rooms and social rooms by brewery employees in the past, you can enjoy an unfiltered and non-pasteurised Pilsner Urquell directly from the lager barrels. Bookings are necessary.
  • U Prazdroje 7 (Pilsen) , +420 377 062 888,

Pilsen, Capitol of Beer, can offer different types of beer.