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Brewing tradition

  • The Tradition of Pilsner Beer

Brewing has a rich tradition in Pilsen. The first beers were brewed here just after the town was founded in 1295. At the time, the Czech king granted some of Pilsen’s burgher houses the right to brew beer. This privilege, which was very lucrative, allowed the owner to sell beer in his own house. However, this top-fermented beer was of a very inconsistent quality. Criticism of the poor standards had gone so far that in 1838, 36 barrels of beer were allegedly tipped out on the main square as the beer was declared unsuitable for consumption and even harmful to health. The desire to have their own good beer led the burghers of Pilsen to found an new brewery and summon a master brewer to brew a beer with the delicious taste.

  • The Birth of a world-famous pale lager

As a result, the Bavarian master brewer Josef Groll arrived in Pilsen in 1842 and was assigned a simple task – to brew a very good and delicious beer. He rolled up his sleeves and, on the 5th of October 1842, the first batch of Pilsner lager saw the light of day. Its taste was so unique that it allegedly surprised Josef Groll himself. It is no longer important today whether this golden and extraordinarily delicious beverage was the result of the brewer’s skill, local conditions or a mere coincidence. What matters is the fact that it laid the foundations for a beer so tasty that this bottom-fermented Pilsner lager soon gained great popularity not only in PIlsen but also far beyond the country’s borders.

  • The Pilsner beer

Pilsner beer became the prototype of a new style of beer imitated all over the world. This was one of the reasons that the owners of the Burghers Brewery registered the Pilsner Bier trade mark, which the whole world knows nowadays under the name of Pilsner Urquell.

 The beer cellar in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Pilsen.