In Beer Factory in Pilsen you can taste specialty beers on special occasions.

The world-famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery is not the only brewery in Pilsen. Pilsen boasts several microbreweries as well. On your visit you’ll discover not only original beer but also an authentic environment with a unique atmosphere.

Purkmistr Brewery

  • On the outskirts of the city in the Pilsen-Černice district, in a former farm yard from the 17th century, you’ll find Purkmistr Brewery. It is the second largest brewery in Pilsen after Pilsner Urquell and brews up to 1,650 hectolitres of beer annually. The brewery entices visitors to try out its other attractions as well: a beer spa, tour of the brewery or an original restaurant with lovely atmosphere. Every September the yard fills up with microbreweries from all over the Czech Republic and abroad when the grand “Sun in a Glass” beer festival takes place here.
  • Unfiltered and unpasteurised beers such as light, semi-dark and dark lager, wheat beer, flavoured and season beer, ales, IPAs, stouts, as well as German and Belgian style beer and stronger specialty beer
  • Selská náves 21/2 (Pilsen-Černice), +420 377 994 311,

Beer Factory

  • This brewery is located in the heart of Pilsen just a few steps from the main square. You’ll be welcomed by its unconventional industrial environment and kitchen based on fresh ingredients.
  • Three decoction! light lager 12%, Nevada Ale 11%, Amber Ale 12%, Black Ale 13%, Wheat Beer 12%, I.P.A 16 %, La Trapp 18 % and other specialty beers on special occasions
  • Dominikánská 8 (Pilsen), +420 379 422 526,

U Pašáka Brewery

  • At the U Pašáka microbrewery you can enjoy not only superb beer but also specialties of old Czech cuisine – a great match to the local beer on tap.
  • Light lager 12, Semi-dark lager 12, occasional specialties (Vienna special, wheat beer, black specialty beer with a portion of wheat, Easter nettle special, Christmas cinnamon special…)
  • Poděbradova 12 (Pilsen), +420 377 946 01,

Kalikovar Brewery

  • A microbrewery on the premises of a former mill makes beer in the traditional method in open fermentation vats with a long maturation time in lager tanks. Beers are brewed using a double concoction method and are not filtered or pasteurised.
  • 12 degree light lager, 13 degree semi-dark and 11 degree wheat beer
  • Radčická 60/40 (Pilsen), +420 607 722 436,

Raven Brewery

  • Raven craft brewery exclusively produces top-fermented beers and lagers of all styles. They have around twenty types of malt and fifty hop varieties in stock, combining them to form a wide selection of “English” type beer.
  • SKY APA –American Pale Ale 12%, BLOND IPA - India Pale Ale 14°, WHITE IPA - White India Pale Ale 15°, BREWHEMIAN – Cream, Porter 15, Laid to Waste - American Double IPA 20°
  • Mozartova 1 (Pilsen), +420 774 133 799,

Pod Lípou Brewery

  • On the village square of Kyšice only 8 kilometres away from Pilsen’s city centre, you can find Pod lípou Brewery. In addition to brewing its own beer, it offers Czech cuisine, including meals prepared using Kyšice beer.
  • Čeledín – proper light 10 draught beer, Mouřenín – 11 degree semi-dark, Sedlák – traditional 12 degree lager, Lanbert – unique 13 degree wheat beer
  • Náves 20, Kyšice, +420 720 612 093,

Radobyčice Brewery

  • A family brewery inside a 200-year-old former barn in the historical village square of Radobyčice. You can relax in the pleasant indoor and outdoor space, complementing your beer with delicatessen foods.
  • Light draught beer, light lager, Bavarian special, ale, wheat beer
  • Radobyčická náves 318 (Pilsen) , +420 776 555 753,

Purkmistr Brewery is the second largest brewery in Pilsen after Pilsner Urquell.