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Attention, beer lovers! You’ll find just what you’ve been looking for during autumn in Pilsen

Sun in Glass Beer Festival

Thanks to the fact that the most well-known bottom-fermented lager and beer is from Pilsen, the beverages are drafted directly from the barrel or tank at local pubs. Simply stated, traditional beer celebrations go hand-in-hand with Pilsen. With autumn on the way, the city starts to come alive with various beer-related festivals and celebrations, where not only can you try out our famous 12% lager, but also taste and compare some of the less common beer specials from the local microbreweries. And to top it all off, you can even warm yourself up by hopping in a hot beer bath. Check out our overview of the best events for beer lovers that are taking place this year in Pilsen.

  • Raven Fest (20th – 22nd of August)

After the previous successful year, the beloved microbrewery Raven is once again gearing up for its three-day, outdoor festival, where they will tap beer exclusively from their own production. There certainly won’t be a lack of options, with more than 10 kinds of available beers of various, less common flavours. In between your time spent beer tasting, you can embark on a free tour of the brewery with a brewmaster or watch a number of Pilsen’s local bands perform. And, of course, street food options will also be present.

  • The Sun in a Glass Festival (18th – 19th of September)

Traditionally, the popular brewery festival “The Sun in a Glass” is held every September in Pilsen, and it’s a place where you can try some non-standard beer specialties, both from Bohemia and foreign countries alike. Quite a few breweries come together here and offer taste tests of their best beers of every kind. All these festivities take place in the cosy atmosphere provided by the courtyard of Pilsen’s Purkmistr Brewery.

  • Opening day for the new microbrewery, Proud (end of September)

A new microbrewery with a focus on experimenting with beer styles called Proud is being built in the former power plant, located where the Mže and Radbuza Rivers meet. This area is also part of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery compound and belongs to the city’s industrial zone. It’s unsure exactly when the brewery will be completed, however, we’re sure it will take place sometime this autumn.

  • Bathing in beer

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than soaking your troubles away in a hot beer spa? You can sit back and relax at the Purkmistr Brewery in Pilsen’s Černice neighbourhood, where you are in control of how much beer ends up in your wooden bathtub, and how much in your mug. We recommend always reserving your bath on the brewery’s website beforehand.