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Enjoy St Martin´s Roasted Goose and Wine in Pilsen

Come to Pilsen to enjoy St Martin´s Roasted Goose and Wine

Photo: Czech Specials Archive by CzechTourism

The St Martin´s Day is celebrated in the Czech Republic every year on November 11th. It is said that on this day St Martin comes riding on his white horse and on this day the winter begins.   Unfortunately, this is not true anymore as in Pilsen there was no snow even at Christmas for several years now. Nevertheless, it takes nothing from the atmosphere of the late autumn. This is especially true when the St Martin´s goose is roasted and combined with a glass of St Martin´s wine. A number of restaurants in Pilsen offer St Martin´s menu in this time of the year. There is no need to drink wine only; the roasted goose is very well combined with Pilsen beer too.

  • What is the St Martin´s Wine like?

St Martin´s wine is the first wine of every year. They are young, light fruity types of wine which matured only for several weeks and therefore they have typical characteristics and very fresh taste.  They are produced from special kind of wine and on the November 11th it is the first day when you can taste it. However, it is offered minimally until Christmas.

  • And what about the St Martin´s Goose? 

The legend says that the goose went to the oven because it betrayed St Martin. There are two versions of the story. One story says that wild geese revealed St Martin´s hiding when he hid himself from the bishop´s men. The second legend says that geese made such a noise and they disturbed St Martin during his preachment and therefore they had to be punished for it. Actually, it does not matter which story is true, in the middle of November geese are the most well-fed and after the whole year of hard work and before the Christmas fast there is the right time to enjoy it and feast. The goose is prepared in many various ways, often combined with apples, pears, or plums, traditionally with dumplings and cabbage.