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Do not forget to Visit Beautiful Pilsen Nativity Scenes

 Do not forget to Visit Beautiful Pilsen Nativity Scenes

If you visit Pilsen in the period between Christmas and the Three Kings Festival(January 6) we recommend to walk through the nicely decorated city centre as well as to visit some of the Pilsen churches which exhibit beautiful nativity scenes every year during this festive period.

Most of the visitors are naturally attracted by the Gothic St. Bartholomew Cathedral directly on the Republic Square which boasts its majestic interior and a splendid altar with Pilsen Madonna. The wooden nativity scene located inside carries Baroque features. Nevertheless, it was created at the end of the World War II. Unfortunately, the cathedral is now closed due to reconstruction.

Even more interesting piece of art is positioned in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary which was moved from the area of a former Franciscan monastery. The nativity scene was carved by Tyrolian woodcarvers in the period before the World War II. The nativity scene constitutes of more than twenty persons which are 150cm tall. A special feature of this nativity scene is the fact that there are two Jesus babies of different size. On Christmas Eve there is a tiny sleeping Jesus baby who is later on replaced by a bigger sitting Jesus baby.   

If you continue along the Klatovska Street in the direction to Bory, there is the church of Jan Nepomucky in Chodske Square. The nativity scene located here is extraordinary because of its connection to the Pilsen Region. There are not only significant historical persons of the region but also women in costumes of the Pilsen Region, employees of the brewery or workers from the company Skoda. The Jesus baby is welcomed by an old woman with bread and salt.