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Famous Painters of the Munich School Shine in Pilsen

One of the most important artistic projects of Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 is the exhibition with the name Munich, the Shining Metropolis of Art which can be seen in the Masné Krámy exhibition hall of the Gallery of West Bohemia.  The exhibition presents more than 100 pieces of work from 47 artists of the famous era of the Munich School up to the beginning of the avant-garde, the creative period of the ending 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Among the authors of the Munich Jugendstill and the avant-garde group Der Blaue Reiter there are famous names presented during the exhibition, such as Carl Theodor von Piloty, Gabriel von Max, Franz von Lenbach, Wilhelm Leibl, Franz von Stuck, Vasilij Kandinskij, Alexej von Javlenskij or Paul Klee. The exhibition includes also the creations of the Czech artists who created their pieces of art in Munich at that time – we can mention Václav Brožík, Alfons Mucha, Joža Úprka, Jakub Schikaneder, Emanuel Krescenc Liška, Ludvík Kuba, Jan Autengruber and many others.

  • Guided tours of the exhibition take place on 11th, 15th and 24th February and  8th, 11th  and 28th March. 

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Emanuel Krescenc Liška: Hagar and Izmael on the desert (1883)