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Five Reasons for Going on a Family Trip to Pilsen

PIlsen in the Czech Republic is a nice location for a family trip.

Pilsen definitely is the most famous beer metropolis where you can enjoy a brewery tour, beer tasting and even a bath in the beer spa. But there is much more to see and do. If you come to Pilsen with children, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of activities and facilities for children. Still hesitating?  We have at least five points to convince you to come to Pilsen with you children.

  • 1) Variety of activities at one place

It may seem that with less than 200 thousand inhabitants Pilsen is not a big city. Maybe not, but you will definitely appreciate the variety of activities you can do here with children. You can explore the Pilsen Zoo, Techmania Science Center, DinoPark with giant prehistoric dino dummies, Puppet Museum, Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales, historical underground and a small family-run technical museum Airpark in Zruč near Pilsen. More tips on trips can be found at

  • 2) English-speaking friendly

The majority of tourist sites is ready for foreign visitors. For example, the majority of exhibitions and displays in Techmania or Puppet Museum include descriptions in English and German. You can go on an English tour of the historical underground.  Our crew in the Tourist information Centre is ready to help you with anything you need every day. The English version of Visit Pilsen web is also available.

  • 3) Pilsen is near to Prague and closed to German borders

Pilsen is easily accessible from Prague. You can get from Prague city centre to Pilsen in around 1 hour by train. The drive takes less than an hour. If you come from Germany, you can use direct train connections from Munich several times a day.

  • 4) It will not cost a fortune

The majority of tourist attractions offer a family ticket. Moreover, you might by surprised by friendly prices. For example, a Pilsen Zoo family ticket (two adults + two children) cost only around 20 euros. Prices in cafes and restaurants are also tourist friendly; therefore you may for example afford more luxurious accommodation, stay longer or just save some money.

  • 5) You will enjoy the trip no matter what season and weather is

No matter if it is warm or cold outside; you will enjoy your trip to Pilsen anyway. The programme can be easily adapted to current weather conditions. The family entertainment for a whole weekend is guaranteed in all the seasons. In the summer, you can add some sport activities or trips to the surrounding region to your itinerary.  In the winter, you can stay longer in Techmania watching a movie in its 3D Planetarium, play in the Puppet Museum or discover the cultural centre of DEPO205 which often offers exhibition for children.