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May Events You Shouldn´t Miss in Pilsen

Many of cultural events in Pilsen take place in the historic city centre.

  • Liberation Festival (May 3-6)

Such grand celebrations of the end of the World War II take place only in Pilsen and nowhere else. The Liberation Festival annually commemorates the liberation of the city by the US Army. You can look forward to a parade of historical military technology known as the Convoy of Liberty, meetings with veterans, military camps and a rich cultural programme. Read more about the festivities in our article or go through the programme on the official Liberation Festival website.

  • DEPO Street Food Market (May 4)

Around 30 street food stands will heat their pans and pots in the DEPO2015 cultural area to give you an opportunity to taste various delicacies from many countries of the world. During the Liberation Festival, the former depot will host a show of military cars which will be on display throughout the day.

  • Pilsen Majáles (May 11)

The traditional student spring festival returns to the Lochotín Amphitheatre with a variety of concerts and other entertainment. During the day, for example, music bands such as Kryštof, Horkýže Slíže, Harlej, Trautenberk or singer Janek Ledecký will perform. You can also participate in many Majáles- themed competitions and there will also be an accompanying programme for the youngest visitors.

  • Soup Festival – spring edition (May 12)

Traditionally, you can taste soups of various flavours and tastes which are prepared in metal cauldrons and on open fire directly in the area of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. The festival starts at 11am and many of Pilsen's bistros and restaurants will serve their soups.

  • Beer Tapping School in Pilsner Urquell (May 25)

In May too, you can attend the course in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery and learn how to tap beer properly. Beer tapping masters will teach you how to tap the beer for the special types such as “hladinka”, “čochtan”, “šnyt” or “mlíko”. Besides unforgettable experience, you will also go home with a beer glass with your name on it. For beer tapping school, you must be registered in advance at

  • Treffpunkt (May 16 – 19)

The Czech-Bavarian cultural festival will offer interesting events across various genres and a wide range of gastronomic experiences in DEPO2015. The varied programme of the festival includes musical performances, Bavarian puppet theatre, linguistic animation, typical Bavarian gastronomy as well as Bavarian beer.

  • Pilsen Courtyards (May 18)

In the historical centre of Pilsen there are many mysterious corners, courtyards and hidden gardens which are not accessible on everyday basis. The one-day festival of Pilsen Courtyards will give you a perfect opportunity to see and learn something interesting about those places. There is an interesting accompanying programme in many places too.

  • Fresh Festival (May 18-19)

Thousands of people visit the largest gourmet festival in western Bohemia every year. There will be a number of excellent chefs, Pilsen restaurants and famous names. You will taste interesting specialties from all over the world that you will not normally prepare at home.

  • Night of Churches (May 24)

The unusual evening time opens the gates of churches and various prayer rooms. You can visit places which are often not accessible. Moreover, the Touch of Gospel choir will perform at the U Ježíška Church at 10 pm. There is also a rich accompanying programme prepared for the festival goers.

  • Burger Street Festival (May 24 – 26)

This year's Burger Street Festival takes place for the first time in the courtyard of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. You will get chance to taste traditional, exotic, vegetarian or vegan burgers and other delicacies from the hot grill. Lovers of sweet taste will have a choice of waffles, doughnuts, pancakes or various types of ice cream so they will be pleased, too.

  • DasFest (May 25)

In Šafaříkovy sady you can enjoy live music, competitions for spectators in the traditional straw rolling or a street theatre visit - all in the style of German festivals. You can look forward to the popular MydyRabycad or the German electro swing queen Alice Francis. Furthermore, you can participate in inspiring workshops, discussions, and presentations of dozens of Czech-German projects.

  • Coffee Festival Logr (May 26)

At the coffee festival in the cultural centre DEPO2015 you will get a lot of information about how coffee is grown, prepared and tasted. You will learn how to recognize high-quality coffee and how to prepare it as a professional. You can then choose from the offer by the best coffee roasters in the market and buy all the necessary equipment.

  • Metalfest (May 31 – June 2)

Metalfest in Pilsen is already a highly regarded metal music tradition. Fans have found this festival and liked it not only for its great musical dramaturgy of many metal music genres but also for its unique natural environment in the Lochotín Amphitheatre where the festival takes place.