How To Enjoy Autumn in the Beer Metropolis of Pilsen?

The tourist season in Pilsen does not end with the end of the summer holiday. In September and October there will still be a number of great days to spend in the city.

 In September and October there will still be a number of great days to spend in Pilsen.

The tourist season in Pilsen does not end with the end of the summer holiday.  In September and October there will still be a number of great days to spend in the city. The parks surrounding the historical city centre start playing with all colours of the autumn leaves. Students return to the city for yet another term and with them interesting events and festivals come back too. The autumn season in Pilsen traditionally belongs to beer. However, you will not miss anything even if you visit the city during the advent period when the Christmas-decorated historical centre will enchant you with its romantic atmosphere. In addition, Pilsen is not really far from Prague and the journey takes less than an hour by car or by bus and just a little longer by train.

One of the most famous operas by the composer Bedrich Smetana takes place in a folk setting in the Pilsen Region at the beginning of the nineteenth century and through the years it has been already performed in many forms. On Friday, September 7th at 7:30 pm, however, the original version of the opera from 1870 will be presented on the Republic Square. In addition to the performances of the individual actors, you can also enjoy the performance of local folklore ensembles, many dance scenes, live animals and great parade of comedians.

During the two-day festival of mini-breweries which takes place in the brewery yard in Cernice, there are dozens of microbreweries from both the Czech Republic and abroad presented every year. The eleventh year of the festival will introduce a wide range of beer types, various beer competitions and musical performances in the original village area.

Spectacular celebration of brewing the first batch of the world-famous Pilsner Urquell lager which 176 years ago changed the until-then established beer brewing style, will entertain its visitors with a rich musical programme right in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery area. Do not miss concerts and a festive mass toast.

Thanks to Treffpunk, DEPO2015 turns into one large beer garden. However, of course, the festival is not just about beer. Treffpunkt is mainly a demonstration of Czech-Bavarian mutual cultural cooperation and it offers interesting events across many genres and a wide range of gastronomic experiences. From October 19-20, DEPO2015 gives you an opportunity to enjoy Bavaria with all your senses: traditional Bavarian dishes, listening to Bavarian music, and even learning about German literature of the Bavarian area.

The one-hundredth anniversary of the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia is celebrated in Pilsen throughout the whole year. The celebrations will reach its peak during a three-day long festive programme at the end of October. There will be fireworks, a parade of lights in the colour of the national flag tricolour and a rich cultural programme. In addition, you can come to the Pilsen City Hall to have a look at the original handwritten script of the song “Kde domov muj” (Where my home is) from 1834 which later became the Czechoslovakian (nowadays Czech only) national anthem. As a part of the celebrations, many tourist locations will be available for a visit and as a gift to the jubilee the entrance fee is lowered to symbolic 28 CZK.

An old Bohemian dessert – “trdelnik”, hot wine with spice, hot mead or various cheese specialties can be tasted on the St. Havel’s and St. Martin’s Market which take place on the Republic Square. Make your autumn days more pleasant, stop there for refreshment and special goods, watch the blacksmith, basket-maker or wood-carvers at work and soak in the October atmosphere.

Legend has it that the St. Martin’s Day (on November 11) is the exact day when the first snow of the new season should fall and according to the tradition, St. Martin shall arrive on his white horse. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that St. Martin will keep his promise. However, it is an ideal event for a great gourmet experience. In the middle of November, many restaurants in Pilsen offer a special St. Martin’s menu: a roasted goose and young St. Martin’s wine. You certainly do not have to keep the tradition for 100%, especially when we are in Pilsen - the roasted goose will certainly taste very well also with the Pilsner twelve-degree beer.

The Republic Square will be soaked with the smell of hot wine, gingerbread spices and Old Bohemian dessert called “trdelnik”. Children will certainly not forget to stop at the traditional nativity scene with live animals, adults can inhale the pre-Christmas atmosphere and get a lot of inspiration for their Christmas presents from the stalls offering various goods. Come and see the Christmas-decorated Pilsen and enjoy its magical festive atmosphere.