December Events You Shouldn´t Miss in Pilsen

Come to Pilsen and enjoy the magical atmosphere of Christmas at the markets, interesting exhibitions and much more.

Magical Christmas Markets at the Republic Square in Pilsen.

Enjoy the magical atmosphere of advent decorated Pilsen and let yourself be walked through the history of Christmas and Christmas customs and traditions in the city. During the four December weekends, you can participate in many special advent guided tours. A costume-clad guide will introduce you not only to the history of Christmas celebrations but he will also teach you more about the Pilsen nativity scenes and the superstitions connected with the Christmas dinner and other events of the advent period. Tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre.

If you want to learn how to tap beer properly and to master the whole art of beer tapping, take part in the three-hour course directly in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Places must be booked in advance at

The advent period in Pilsen will be commenced by traditional Christmas tree lighting. This festive event takes place four Sundays before Christmas in the usual place next to the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral in the Republic Square. The tree lighting is always accompanied with pre-Christmas cultural programme full of music. You can enjoy swing melodies of the Tremolo Orchestra from Tremosna or the children choir Kvicaly which will perform Christmas carols. The musicians Ivan Audes Trio and Sonia Hanzlickova Borkova will perform Christmas songs in jazz rhythm. Before the lighting itself, the Mariella children choir and the Mariella folk ensemble will enchant you with the atmosphere of Christmas and then some more festive moments will be introduced by the programme of the J.K.Tyl Theatre.

We recommend visiting the cultural centre DEPO2015 for winter festivities where at the same time you can buy many gifts for your Christmas tree. In addition to hazelnuts, sweets, honey, spices and hot wine, you can also enjoy Christmas workshops and themed lectures. With your children try to create your own original Christmas decorations, snowing ball or various tree decorations. In the former bus hall you can buy handmade gifts and natural cosmetics in addition to high quality food.

Traditionally, the New Year’s fireworks in Pilsen will start on the New Year's Day this year too. The accompanying programme of the event will start already at 4:30 pm with a disco for children directly in the Republic Square. One hour later, do not forget to look in the direction of the Central Hotel where a celebratory show full of lights starts at 5:30 pm.


Every day, from 9am to 7pm, the Republic Square will be surrounded by the festive atmosphere of Christmas, smell of Christmas sweets, gingerbread and hot wine. Traditional Christmas Market also offers handcraft demonstrations, a live nativity scene with animals, or Christmas music programme full of carols.

You will experience the right atmosphere of a Saturday morning in the traditional Farmers Market in the Republic Square. The market offers high-quality, authentic and local food. You can look forward to fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy and meat products, pastries and much more. This is a great chance to get ready for the Christmas feast in advance.

Spend a lovely afternoon walking after all the Christmas festivities and visit the Republic Square where there will be the atmosphere of the New Year's market. The market will end on January 1st with traditional fireworks. Enjoy stands offering hot wine and for those who get hungry there will be a choice of traditional delicacies.


Take a tour of the architecturally unique apartment interiors created by Adolf Loos which provide an interesting view of the way the rich Pilsen Jewish community lived in the period before the Second World War. You can choose to visit the Brummel House or the apartments of the Kraus and Vogel Family. The guided tours take place every Friday and Saturday. Tickets for the guided tours must be purchased in advance in the Tourist Information Centre or at

Interactive and experience exhibition 100Ppy: One hundred years seen by the eyes of five generations will guide you through the fundamental historical events of the past century. Through several generations of the fictive Nemec family you get the opportunity to experience both their personal dilemmas as well as crucial historical events

In the café of the DEPO2015 cultural centre the project "Good 100" displays a map of positive events which took place since the founding of our republic. The timeline demonstrates the origin of significant works of art and buildings, outstanding sports performances, scientific inventions as well as stories of the everyday life. The exhibition supports the idea that we should be proud of the Czech Republic. All exhibited pieces of art are created by students of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen. The entrance fee is free of chargé.

The Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pilsen-born photographer Vilem Heckel with a retrospective exhibition of his work. The exhibition brings closer distant peaks and forgotten corners of the world to its wide audience. Visitors of the exhibition can see the pictures not only of all of these areas of his activities but they also have the opportunity to watch his life journey through his family photos and exhibition of his personal belongings.

Admirers of romantic landscape painting will surely enjoy the exhibition in the Gallery of West Bohemia called “From Academy to Nature” which presents the main centres of schools of landscape painting within Central Europe. In the Masne kramy exhibition hall you can see valuable naturalistic works by both foreign and Czech artists such as Julius Marak, Vaclav Brozik or Vojtech Hynais. Moreover, the accompanying programme of the exhibition includes workshops for children as well as adults.

The exhibition “No Worries. Paper burns!” in the Gallery of the City of Pilsen collects drawings and pieces of art which were created on paper using various techniques, by various artists of different generations since the 1960s. The pieces of art are also different in their technical and formal processing. The exhibition includes accompanying workshops and workshops for the public, too.

The Gallery of West Bohemia will introduce in its exhibition hall “13” the first comprehensive view of the architecture of Pilsen during the period of the First Republic and the unique urbanistic process which the city went through during the years. One part of the exhibition includes valuable documents, models of buildings or one of the first neon advertisements, photographs and excerpts of period films. Visitors will also see the original work desk owned by architect Karel Lhota, the co-worker of famous Adolf Loos.