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Summer Baroque Festival Invites you to visit the Pilsen Region

Summer Baroque Festival invites you to visit Pilsen

Picturesque landscape of the Pilsen Region has been always decorated not only by the silhouettes of the Gothic castles but also by a number of Baroque sights – churches, chapels, chateaus, farm yards and Marian columns.  The most attractive places are the monumental church areas – the cloisters in Chotěšov, Kladruby, Plasy and the provost premises in Mariánská Týnice created by masters of the Baroque art.

The art pieces created by J. B. Santini-Aichl show a significant clerical symbolism. The unique example of the Baroque Gothic style is the Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Kladruby.  In the former Cistercian cloister premises in Plasy you will be utterly amazed by Santini’s bravery as he designed and built the entire area of the cloister in a fenland and therefore the construction is positioned on more than 5000 oak pillars. One of the most beautiful buildings devoted to Virgin Mary is the Church of Annunciation of Virgin Mary and the provost area in Mariánská Týnice. This year the Centre of Baroque was opened there. 

Visit to any of the Baroque gems within the Pilsen Region will be even more impressive if you connect it with some of the cultural events which are arranged there during the summer months. The last year’s successful project called Nine Weeks of Baroque was organized in connection to the title Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 and for this year it is followed by the Summer Baroque Festival. Until the end of summer holiday the cultural programme will be prepared for 30 locations within West Bohemia. The events will bring classical music, theatre performances, parades, dance, traditional gastronomy, presentation of Baroque aromas and fashion and also illumination of the Baroque sights.

Apart from a number of small-scale events there are also four monumental events prepared for the visitors. These four large-scale events are composed Baroque festivals which promise special guided tours of the sights, Baroque music and popular Baroque fireworks. These four major events are organized in the Franciscan cloister which is managed by the Museum of the Czech Forrest in Tachov (July 15th), in Chateau Hrádek by Sušice (July 22nd), in Chateau Zelená Hora (August 20th) and in Chateau Manětín (August 26th).