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Ten Tips on the Best Views of Pilsen

There are many places offering a nice view of Pilsen
Photo: Libor Sváček

Pilsen located at the confluence of four rivers offers a bunch of nice spots from where you can observe the city from above. When the weather is nice, you can even see peeks of the Czech Forest, the Šumava Mountains or the Alps. We have prepared a guide which will help you to find the best view.

  • 1) St Bartholomew´s Cathedral in the central Republic Square

St Bartholomew’s Cathedral with the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic (103 m) belongs to main dominants of Pilsen. Its gallery offers a nice view of the whole city and its surrounding. When the weather is good, you can even spot peeks of the Alps. The tower entrance is located near the Plague Column.

  • 2) Chlum Lookout Tower

You can find the Chlum lookout tower on the forest hill in Doubravka. The lookout tower provides you with a beautiful found view of Pilsen and the region. When the visibility is fine, you can even observe the Šumava Mountains. There is a nice picnic area, a bistro and a playground for children nearby. To reach the top, you will need to climb 121 steps. However, it is definitely worth it.

  • 3) Krkavec Lookout Tower

The lookout tower on the Krkavec hill (in English Raven) was open in 1901. Several tourist paths lead through nice countryside to its top. There are also several biking routes crossing the area as well.  You can also reach the top by car. Once you are there, you will definitely enjoy the view of Pilsen, the Šumava Mountains, the German Hohenbogen Mountains and Brdy.

  • 4) Sylván Lookout tower

The ony view spot in Pilsen offering the view of norther part of the region is a telecommunication tower with a view terrace on the top of hill called Sylvan.

  • 5)  Romantic Sunset

If you are looking for a romantic sunset experience, try to find a viewing platform between Koterov and Božkov. The place can be reached by car, as well as on bike. Not far away there is a place used by hang-gliders for také-offs.

  • 6) Ruins of Radyně Castle

The royal caste called Radyně was built during the reign of Charles IV. nearby Starý Plzenec in the 14th century.  You can visit the castle ruins and clim its tower which is the tallest view point in the surrounding of Pilsen. Near the castle, there are also nice rocks worth visiting. Children will definitely enjoy the medial story of vengeful Radouš.

  • 7) Švábiny View

Nearby Rokycanská Street and the central cemetery, there is a nice picnic area called Švábiny offering an epic view of PIlsen, Přimda and the Šumava Mountains.

  • 8) View with a Cup of Coffee (Unfortunately, both cafés are currently closed)

You can also enjoy a view of Pilsen with a dessert and a cup of coffee in CrossCafe located on the top of Bohemka skyscraper or in the café called Střecha in Americká Street. You can take a “view snack” inside the cafes or on its roof terraces.

  • 9) Tower in DEPO2015

The metal lookout tower by Czech artist Čestmír Suška in the DEPO2015 cultural centre offers a view of industrial area of former public transportation depot.

  • 10) Anything exceptional?

After you climb all the recommended places and you will still feel like going somewhere higher, you can try a balloon tour or airplane sightseeing.