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The First Big Exhibition of 2015 is Jiri Trnka´s Studio

Jiri Trnka (1912 – 1969) – a Pilsen born artist is called a Czech Walt Disney by the professionals. He was a world-wide known artist, puppeteer, illustrator and director of animated movies who also inspired American artist Tim Burton. The pieces of his work are similarly colorful as the first retrospective exhibition Jiří Trnka´s Studio which is focused on his life and work. 

You can see more than 300 of various exhibits from which a major part will be shown to public for the first time. At the beginning Jiri Trnka cooperated in Pilsen with Josef Skupa, the author of the Pilsen puppet Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek. His the most significant contribution to the history of world culture was his pioneering work in the area of animated movies – the most famous puppet movies are  Old Czech Legends and Good Soldier Svejk, furthermore the movie on the motives of W. Shakespeare Midsummer Night Dream. For children he wrote and illustrated the fairy-tale book The Garden.

In the area of the Gallery of the City of Pilsen and the Gallery of Jiri Trnka which are both situated on the Republic Square you can look through styled windows into the rich creative world of Jiri Trnka by means of multi-media installations and audio-visual projections. Neither a cinema machine with a collection of digitalized movies will be missing. You can visit the exhibiton until 10th May 2015.

  • Our recommendation: Moreover, not only for the admirers of work of Jiri Trnka but also for everybody else who likes the poetic world full of imagination, there will be another exhibition with the focus on his fairy-tale creations. The exposition called The Garden 2 will be opened for public since February 26th, in the area of the Museum of West Bohemia. And if you still want to see more puppets and fairy-tales the Puppet Museum is definitely worth visiting too.

Jiri Trnka, born in Pilsen, was a worl-famous artist a director of animated movies.