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Tips for events in Pilsen that you can still catch before the end of summer

Busking Festival Pilsen

  • DEPOvLETU (DEPO during SUMMER) (until August 31st)

The West Bohemia city of Pilsen is known world-wide as the city of beer and industry. Since 2015, however, the city is also known as the European Capital of Culture. As of late, millions of culture lovers have made their way to Pilsen to visit DEPO2015. DEPO2015 is a cultural centre, which was created from the city’s repurposed transportation hub. An entire series of diverse cultural events, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions for young and old viewers alike, food festivals and festivals of light are all held here in this extraordinary industrial area. A rich programme has also been organized for this summer. Over the summer holidays, Tuesdays and Fridays have been dedicated to music sets, Wednesdays are for cultural events and relaxation, and thematic Thursdays have been set aside for visitors to enjoy good food and music. In addition, you can enjoy some family rest and relaxation time at DEPO2015 every Sunday.

  • Digital playground “Blik” at DEPO2015 (until August 23rd)

It’s been a while since the old bus station at DEPO2015 has displayed any bus times. This summer this industrial space has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind interactive light installation, which is sure to entertain visitors of any age. Check out the BLIK digital playground, which covers a total of 800 m², where artistic installations and galactic experiences are waiting for you in the form of 14 games and instalments from both Czech and foreign creators. You can also look forward to controlling the planets with a luminous sword, playing with laser pointers and participating in games with a UV light. You can even create human light-up fireworks with your own movements.

  • Festival na Ulici (Street Festival) (21st − 29th of August 2020)

The final week in August will see the city centre brought to life with the traditional, multi-genre Street Festival, and it’s up to you to decide which programme from the festival you choose. The festival includes music productions of every possible genre and style as well as a wide assortment of accompanying programmes for children and adults. There is also a ‘gastrozone’, where you can enjoy various food options along with the music. There will be three music stages in the centre of the city. As per tradition, the main stage will be located right on Republic Square, the second will be near the “U Branky” area of the park and the third will be next to the “Proluka” historical landmark. Make your way to Pilsen and enjoy some laid-back summer evenings full of music at any one of these three beautiful places in the city.

  • Burger Fest (21st – 23rd of August)

There are so many reasons to visit Pilsen, and the gastronomy is definitely one of them! If you like good food, you’re going to be very happy in this West Bohemian metropolis, especially if you’re a burger lover. If so, make sure to take a trip to Pilsen the third weekend of August. You can sink your teeth into the best burgers from around the country from Friday to Sunday at the Pilsen Urquell Brewery. Without having to travel across the entire Czech Republic, the Burger Street Festival is the only place where you can enjoy food this delicious. And don’t worry, the burgers don’t only include meat options. What do you say to a vegetarian or vegan burger, complete with a gluten-free bun?

  • Busking fest (4th – 5th of September)

Every larger city in the country has its own street performers, and that, of course, includes Pilsen. Not every larger city, however, has its own Busking fest, that is, an international festival of street performers. This festival is held every year, and it includes talented artists from every corner of the world. Apart from the many local street performers, plenty of other talented people make their way to Pilsen in September. There are singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats and comedians from 22 different countries demonstrating their special abilities here, all for a few coins in their cap and to see the smiles of the passers-by. In total, there will be nearly 80 different artists present at this beloved, international busking festival this year. You can look forward to their music, theatrical performances, dances, acrobatics, street art, circus acts, exhibitions, jokes, open mic and jam sessions, after parties and to seeing artists from Canada, Guinea, Israel and everything in between.

  • Regional tip! West Bohemian Baroque (ends Sept. 14th)

The Pilsen Region is overflowing with Baroque treasures which visitors from all over Europe come to see. And these tourists sure have enough motivation to do so! The Pilsen Region is the meeting place of architects Santini and Dientzenhofer, which gives these lands a truly incomparable atmosphere. You’ll find the historical works of these two men to be quite worth the visit, and that’s whether you mean to come during the West Bohemian Baroque festival or not. You can check out the monasteries in either Plasy or Kladruby as well as the provostry in Mariánská Týnice or the chateau in Manětín. You will find other historical sights in the Baroque-style all over the region. During summer, many of these sights are featured in the Summer Baroque Festival (Letní barokní festival), where you can get a taste for everything Baroque.