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Tips for events you can still attend after autumn arrives

Pilsen Mlýnská Strouha at night

Of course, we don’t even want to start thinking about the end of summer. On the other hand, however, it is nice to still have something to look forward to. What else can you experience in Pilsen before the end of the year? There are some popular events you can check out, even if you already crossed those days off your calendar the year prior! Allow yourself to take in some outstanding local culture in the form of the International Festival of Theatre or Skupova Pilsen’s International Festival of Puppet and Alternative Theatre. Pilsen’s isn’t only known all over the world for its beer, but also for its tradition in puppeteering, which was even added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lastly, be sure to accept the invitation to the Soup Festival Pilsen (Festival polévky), because great food also helps to keep a man cultured, and Pilsen truly is a great place to eat and drink well.

  • International Festival of Theatre (9th - 17th of September 2020)

If anything, the Pilsen locals surely are a theatre bunch. Do you need proof? In 1989, the only brand new theatre building for the entire country of the Czech Republic was built. Can you guess where? This new, modern theatre was built in Pilsen as part of the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture project, and is one of the stages used during the International Festival of Theatre. Traditionally, this respected festival invites inspirational troupes of high quality from all over the world to Pilsen. You can then attend the festival and visit loads of extraordinary productions of every genre. Visitors come to see displays of classic dramas, music, dance, puppet and street performances as well as those of a slightly more experimental nature. This festival is held in a number of theatres in Pilsen. Any accompanying events are held near the “U Branky” area of the park and admission is free of chargé.

  • TUTO jídlo − Festival of Pilsen gastronomy (5th − 6th of September 2020)

Pilsen has always held gastronomy close to its heart. In 1842 when Josef Groll made the first batch of Pilsen beer, he surely must have pondered what kind of miracle he had just created. And nothing has changed since. Come and find out for yourself at the Festival of Pilsen Gastronomy “TUTO jídlo”, which is held in Pilsen’s riverside park during the first weekend in September. At the festival you can expect to be greeted by local products as well as both Czech and foreign cuisine, juicy burgers, creamy soups, delicious sweets, choice coffee, solid beer and other goodies. This is our chance to learn about and also support Pilsen’s bistros and restaurants, which, as with other food-related establishments, have not had the easiest go at things over the past few months.

  • Soup Festival Pilsen (Sept. 27th, 2020)

It’s no secret that beer flows like a river at the Pilsen Urquell Brewery. However, various types of soup will also be added to the menu for the last Sunday in September, which fills the entire brewery courtyard with the smell of good food. Here you can get your hands on a bowl of soup of any kind and flavour on Sunday the 27th of September, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. As per usual, every bowl will be delicious and it’s only up to you whether you go with a Czech classic, an exotic Asian soup or maybe even one with some delectable seafood options. The soup will be cooked right on the spot in 40 L cauldrons and various Pilsen restaurants and bistros will be present to show off their soup-based masterpieces. Of course, there will also be music, which only helps to amplify the experience.

  • Skupova Plzeň (14th − 18th of October 2020)

Pilsen isn’t only the 2015 European Capital of Culture, the city of beer and industry or the city of four rivers. Pilsen is also the city of puppet theatre! Welcome to the city of puppets as well as, thanks to Skupova Pilsen’s International Festival of Puppet and Alternative Theatre, the world of fantasy! This festival is held every year, and it displays only the best Czech puppet and alternative theatre performances. Many theatres take part in this competition and the shows are performed by a number of both local and foreign ensembles. The festival will be like waking up in a spectacular dreamland!

  • Advent Market (23rd of November − 23rd of December 2020)

Pilsen’s historic city centre goes through a magical transformation every year. The city square is overtaken by the spirit of Christmas, the scent of mulled wine, old Czech chimney cakes and gingerbread. You can expect to see examples of various trades and handiwork with a focus on the theme of Christmas. This is a great place to get some Christmas gift ideas or even to buy what you need right then and there! Children are sure to enjoy the small donkey and sheep held in the live Bethlehem scene and the rich accompanying programme, full of Christmas carols.