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Tradition of Czech Puppeteering Listed in UNESCO

Visit the Puppet Museum in Pilsen.

Pilsen is one of the cradles of the tradition of Czech and Slovakian puppeteering which has been recently added to the UNESCO world heritage list. More than a hundred-year long tradition is represented by history of local theatre companies as well as leading figures of world puppeteering. For example Josef Skupa, the author of the Spejbl a Hurvinek characters whose statue you can find in the park near the Museum of West Bohemia and Hotel Continental was born in Pilsen. Jiří Trnka, a motion-picture animator, whose work has inspired many contemporary artists including famous film director Tim Burton, was another important Pilsen-born puppeteer

  • Visit the Puppet Museum

The Puppet Museum is located in the heart of historical centre at the central Republic Square. It represents the long  Pilsen puppeteering tradition and its leading figures. The exhibition will guide you through the history of Pilsen puppet theatre companies. It allows you to become a puppeteer operating puppets. You will see more than a hundred of puppet theatres and puppets of various shapes and types. The museum welcomes adults as well as children. Everybody finds something interesting there. Fathers and grandfathers accompanying children love the museum father-friendly programme. The museum is open every day except Monday from 10 am to 6 pm.

  • The Alfa Theatre

The Alfa theatre is the most significant contemporary successor of the Pilsen puppeteering tradition. It focuses on plays and shows for children, teens and adults. The ensemble of Alfa Theatre travels with its plays all around the world, however, you can see one of its plays in Pilsen as well. In Pilsen, the festival of puppetry and alternative theatre called Skupa´s Pilsen takes place once in two years.