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Visit the Newly Opened Tour of the Loos Interiors

The starting touristic season brings many new opportunities and attractive places to visit in the city of Pilsen. One of them are the guided tours of the apartment interiors which were designed by the world-famous architect Adolf Loos. Three of more than ten unique pieces of his work which were created in Pilsen based on his design can be admired three times a week since the beginning of April. Guided tours will take you to the former apartment of the Kraus family in 10 Bendova Street, into the salon and dining room of the Dr. Vogel´s apartment in 12 Klatovska Street and into the spacious two-generation apartment of the Brummel house in 58 Husova Street. The reconstruction work in this place was finished just several weeks ago. 

„Although all three interiors were designed by Adolf Loos, each of them has its own specific features. All of them are undoubtedly worthy visiting. Guided tours in English take place every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, always once per day. Tickets can be purchased in the Touristic Information Centre on the Republic Square. Another option is the online purchase via a booking system which will be commenced since March, 30. Also, guided tours in foreign languages can be ordered  for groups for any day you choose,” comments Zuzana Koubíková, the director of the Pilsen-TOURISM organisation.

The guided tour of the Brummel´s house costs 390 CZK for adults. Discounted entrance fee (for children, students, seniors and handicapped people) costs 300 CZK. Last two interiors can be visited within one guided tour for 230 CZK, discounted price is 170 CZK. Due to the fact that the Loos interiors are situated on the higher floors of the apartment houses from the end of the 19th century the guided tour is unfortunately not suitable for people with limited movement ability.

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The map which describes the location of the Loos interiors in the Pilsen city centre can be found here.

After the reconstruction, the Brummel House opens for a frist time.

• A Guided Tour of the Loos Interiors (10 Bendova Street and 12 Klatovska Street)

In the former apartment of the Kraus family in 10 Bendova Street the visitors get a chance to admire a spectacular salon and dining room in which the superposed glassed walls create the effect of the so-called infinite enfilade, which means an endlessly multiplied image. The rooms are faced by dark green marble and as a whole the space creates quite a magical impression. Furthermore, the visitors go through a practically equipped bedroom which provides an example of comfortably fitted and yet still original built-in wardrobes and bed-side tables.  

Later on the guide will take you to the house in 12 Klatovska Street which is mere 400 metres far. There you will visit two rooms which were part of the Dr. Josef Vogel´s apartment and were preserved in their original condition until recently. You will see the salon with the dining room and built-in furniture, wooden wall tiles and travertine tiling in the dining room.  The rooms were furnished by exact replicas of the original furniture; therefore it is easy to imagine the life of the Vogels there at their time.

• A Guided Tour of the Brummel House (58 Husova Street)

The house of Jan and Jana Brummel in 58 Husova Street is the best preserved building featuring the designs of Adolf Loos. He designed the house extension and adjusted the whole house so that it suited modern purposeful life-style.  The house including a part of the preserved furniture is among the most beautiful creations of Adolf Loos in Pilsen. You can visit five rooms of the two-generation apartment.

• Adolf Loos and Pilsen

Pilsen, one of the most dynamically evolving Czech cities, started to write its history regarding the modern architecture in the first third of the 20th century. At that time Adolf Loos was already a famous architect, philosopher and publicist. He came to Pilsen from Vienna in 1907 because of the invitation he received from the Hirsch family. Thanks to his cooperation with other Jewish families he acquired many work opportunities in Pilsen and in the following 25 years he created at least 13 pieces of art here, mostly apartment interiors.  Salons, music salons, dining rooms, bedrooms, children rooms and studies – in his design all of these creations were outside the traditions of the life-style at that time.

Adolf Loos was against any decoration, he deemed it as unnecessary. He used expensive marble and rare types of wood. Massive carved furniture was replaced by in-built wardrobes with drawers and hooks, all of his designs featured even the smallest details. Modern purposefulness, elegance, timelessness – that is what makes the Loos interiors so spectacular even today. An unfortunate contrast to the high-society life-style of the Jewish families was created by their tragic lifetime stories. The Jewish community had to face increasing pressure of Nazism which resulted in forced emigration and in several cases in deportation into the concentration camps in 1942.