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Come to Pilsen to Enjoy Christmas Atmosphere

Each year Christmas market in Pilsen in the Czech Republic has a really charming atmosphere.

Some of the days which are very lively in the historical centre of Pilsen are undoubtedly the days of the Advent period. The streets glow with Christmas decoration. The Republic Square is dominated by a giant Christmas tree around which the Christmas market takes place. Carols are played in the market to create the festive atmosphere. Every day you will meet a man on the night patrol who, according to an old Czech custom, blows on the horn and reports what the time is.

Christmas Market

The Christmas market on the Republic Square is open every day from November 23rd until December 23rd. From a varied range of handcrafted products, you will choose the right gift for your loved ones. Here you can also buy Christmas decorations. Moreover, traditional Czech Christmas sweets are served which create typical smell of every Czech home during the Christmas period. If you feel cold during your pre-Christmas Pilsen walk, surely the market is a great place to get warm again with a cup of hot wine or hot punch.