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Five Reasons for Trying a Hotel Brunch

A hotel brunch always offers a vatiety of dishes and beakfast meals.
Photo: Brunch in the Vienna House Easy Hotel in Pilsen

Having a meal in a hotel in which you do not stay might seem a bit weird. However, the experience is awesome. You can try for example a hotel brunch. It may cost a bit more than ordinary breakfast but everybody who has tried it would confirm it is worth the price. Do you wonder why?

  • 1) You do not need to prepare breakfast or lunch

A weekend brunch is so perfect because you can kill two birds with one stone. If you find out in the morning that there is nothing left in your fridge or you just do not feel like cooking it means you not only need to worry about the breakfast but at the same time, the question about lunch is solved too. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to taste many delicacies which you usually do not have at home.   

  • 2) You do not need to choose

Of course, you can have weekend breakfast in some of the fancy city cafés or bistros. However, you will have to select from their menu. You may taste a bit of this and a bit of that at the hotel brunch. Also, have you ever ordered eggs prepared in three different ways?

  • 3) You may eat as much as you want

Salty or sweet? You do not need to bother with that at all - just start with one and continue with the another and then you can repeat this popular combination as many times as you wish. A glass of fresh juice, a cup of coffee, a bit of wine, in the worst-case mint tea to digest a bit and then you may continue. The only enemy here is you. On the other hand, who would bother with a heathy diet at this special time? In the end, you do not attend hotel brunches daily.

  • 4) You do not need to hurry

And this is the key point. Take your time, do not hurry, chill out and enjoy yourself. You do not need to finish in half an hour and continue somewhere else. On the contrary, enjoy the weekend and the fact that you do not need to do anything.

  • 5) You may pretend you are on holiday

There is no need to explain that there are not enough days of holiday. If you need to kill the time before going on holiday or you have just returned and you are still in the “holiday” mood, a hotel brunch is suitable for you. You may let the hotel staff take care of you when talking about weather or reviewing the perfect hotel view. Turn off your mobile phone and the illusion of being on holiday is with you in a few minutes.

Where to try hotel brunch in Pilsen?

There are regular hotel brunches organized by the Vienna House Easy (former Angelo) Hotel opposite to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery or in the Courtyard by Marriot close by the Mill Race.