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June Events You Need to Visit in Pilsen This Year

St Bartholomew Cathedral in Pilsen at night

  • Prosecco Festival (June 1)

In the area by the Bolevecky Pond next to the Point Ostende Bistro the first Saturday in June will be dedicated to a celebration of sparkling wine - prosecco, gastronomy and music. Starting at 2 pm, you can taste ten different kinds of prosecco (also its vegan or unfiltered version will be served), a culinary show of the finalists of the Masterchef competition will take place here too and this all will be accompanied by great music.

  • Dronfest (June 1 – 2)

For this year, the biggest Czech festival of unmanned flying will move to the newly reconstructed area of the city technological park in Cukrovarská Street. You can look forward to a two-day programme that offers drone flying demonstrations and races, a drone fair, various lectures, FPV flying events or discussions with professionals from the branch of drone flying.

  • CIOFF International Folklore Festival (June 5 – 9)

Czech folklore ensembles as well as guests from all over the world will sing, play musical instruments and dance directly in the city centre. The main stage will be located in the area U Branky and it will feature folklore orchestras and dance groups from Bohemia, Serbia, Romania, as well as Mexico and Indonesia. Come and see that folklore is still alive and it has much to offer.

  • Historical Weekend (June 7 - 9)

The weekend festival will allow you to travel back in time while still remaining in Pilsen. You can look forward to theatre and music performances, a traditional fair full of jugglers and classic handcrafts and the popular Saturday evening parade of ghosts. This year, the historical weekend will mark the reign of the emperor Rudolf II, who will bring a parade of beautiful ladies, courtiers, soldiers as well as his famous animals to Pilsen. His group of animals will be dominated by a camel from the Pilsen coat of arms.

  • Bricks in Pilsen (June 8 – 9)

A unique exhibition of LEGO kit models from both Czech and Slovak enthusiasts will take place in the cultural centre DEPO2015. Up to 700 meters of space will be filled with hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks which you are free to play with and create your own original structures. You can look forward to models of space bases, castles, pirate ships as well as moveable LEGO Technic.

  • Industry Open (June 14 – 16)

The aim of the Industry Open Festival is to make accessible various technical monuments, companies and manufacturing facilities throughout the region. It offers a unique opportunity to visit places you are normally not allowed to enter. You can look forward to guided tours, excursions to production, rides of historic vehicles, steam locomotives, mining open-air museum and a rich accompanying programme which will entertain the whole family.

  • Wine Path near the Great Bolevecky Pond (June 15)

Wine lovers will enjoy the wine path which will offer them the opportunity to taste up to 170 samples of high-quality wine brought especially from Moravia, on a two-kilometre wine path along the Great Bolevecky Pond in the northern part of Pilsen. The event will end with an evening concert of the music group Argema in the area of the Autocamp Ostende. Tickets can be purchased in advance.

  • Gambrinus Day (June 21 - 22)

The largest beer garden in the Czech Republic will be located on the Republic Square. It is where the Gambrinus Day takes place, a proper celebration of Pilsner beer. The programme of the day includes music performances, beer tapping school, guided tours of the brewery and many interesting facts about the beer itself which will be provided by the beer brewing masters. Good food will not be missed, too, and every beer lover will be pleased with the fact that beer will be tapped into glass!

  • Summer City Fest (June 21 - 22)

The beach party with music on two different stages and a lot of fun with water sports and even bungee jumping in the adrenaline zone is offered by the Summer City Fest which takes place by the Great Bolevecky Pond. The programme of the festival will feature hip hop concerts and DJ sets, Ben Cristovao, Paulie Garand, Rest or Indy and Wich will perform for you.

  • Night with Opera (June 28)

For the third time in the row, the Lochotín Amphitheatre will host a spectacular open-air opera event. This year you can look forward to a remarkable experience in the form of the famous opera Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi in its scenic setting.

  • Pilsen Wining (June 28 – 29)

You can find out yourself that Pilsen does not only mean drinking of excellent beer. Delicious Moravian wine will be introduced during the Pilsen wine festival in the cultural centre DEPO2015. Come and enjoy wine of different kinds and varieties combined with great food offered by various food stands. Tickets can be purchased in advance for 100 CZK.