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Pilsen Guide for Coffee Snobs

There is a lot of nice cafes in PIlsen, the Czech Republic.

Do you plan a trip to Pilsen and it worries you where in the city you can get some energy from a great shot of  espresso, or where you can just sit undisturbed with your favourite book and sip your flat white? Read on! Pilsen is a famous city of beer, we do not deny it, moreover - we are very proud of it. However, the times when it was almost impossible to find a good cup of espresso in the whole city are long gone. That is why we have some tips for coffee lovers.

  • Coffee to go in Kafe Smetanka (1 Bedricha Smetany Street)

On the corner of the Republic Square and Bedrich Smetana Street, you will find yourself in a surprisingly quiet café which the Pilsen coffee lovers immediately fell in love with. Kafe Smetanka does not serve only perfect coffee and other beverages together with sweets and delicacies. It also offers what we may miss there directly in the busy city centre. Peace, comfort and an honest smile. All of this can be enjoyed either just standing up for a minute or in a tiny garden which is decorated with design accessories. The window of Kafe Smetanka also serves as a drive-through for people with prams and strollers or for cyclists passing by. It is open every day except Sundays, and about once a month there is a thematic cultural Wednesday event – an evening which is filled with music, drinks and goodies! @kafesmetanka

  • Coffee Break in Pappa Coffee (8 Veleslavinova Street)

Maybe you know Mammacoffee from Prague, but do you know that in Pilsen you can go to Pappa Coffee? This café is adjacent to the Brewery Museum and the Pilsen Historical Underground and its location makes it an ideal stopover before or after your visit to the museum or the underground. Zdenek and Adam, father and son, but mainly coffee lovers from the bottoms of their hearts, have been managing this place for five years now, last year they got a larger space for the café, and this year they added a mobile coffee stand when coffee is sold from a bicycle. They personally roast and mix the coffee which is served here in the café and in this way interesting blends are created. If you feel like having ham & eggs or scrambled eggs at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, go to Pappa Coffee where you can have breakfast all day long. The fans of Pappa Coffee are also invited by the guys for Saturday brunches, occasionally they prepare hamburgers, and of course you will meet them during many cultural events in Pilsen. As we say – real coffee lovers! @pappacoffee

  • More than coffee in Café Regner (7 Bezrucova Street)

In café Regner you will be welcomed with comfortable armchairs, books, paintings, and ideal atmosphere for proper coffee relax. We recommend opening your favourite book and only existing and enjoying the calm atmosphere of the place. Occasionally, you may be disturbed by an evening programme when an afternoon coffee break slowly moves to an evening party with a DJ. A balcony for coffee and a cigarette is available too, wine, various lemonades and absinthe rituals are not missing in the café offer. Café Regner is also perfectly situated just next to the Andel Café, Andel Bistro and Andel Music Bar, so you can spend a lazy day here just by vising these places, enjoying different tastes and genres all day long and you definitely do not have to feel ashamed a tiny bit.