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Places to Visit in Pilsen when the Weather Gets Worse

Pilsen in the Czech Republic Attracts Visitors even in the autumn.
Foto: Ladislav Renner

Relying on weather forecasts is even more difficult in the autumn than during the summer. We have prepared a special autumn guide for you to guarantee that you will enjoy you trip to Pilsen even if it is raining cats and dogs.

1) The Brewlet you indulgeery

If you haven´t been to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour there is no time to wait any more. It is an ideal opportunity to get familiar with the story of beer which got famous all around the worlds. Did you know that its historical cellars are the only place where you can taste the real non-filtered and non-pasteurized Pilsner Urquell?

2) The Old Synagogue

The Great Synagogue which is third largest in Europe is waiting for reconstruction. We would like to invite you to the Old Synagogue. Although it is hidden inside a block of houses, it definitely is worth visiting. You may admire its recently redecorated interior as well was exhibition devoted to Jewish traditions and customs. However, it is open by the end of October only.

3) Puppet Museum

There are two very famous Pilsen-born puppets called Spejbl and Hurvínek. Let them invite you to visit the Puppet Museum. There, you will see hundreds of marionettes or glove and other puppets. Fortunately, they are not hidden in glass vitrines only. So if you feel creative or curious, just use your imagination and try to play your own story. The only limit is your fantasy.

4) Patton Memorial Pilsen

The new exhibition of Patton Memorial Pilsen museum maps the journey the united forces underwent from Normandy all the way to Pilsen. It was opened in June on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Normandy Landings. You will see a number of artefacts found directly on battle fields, personal objects of soldiers and gifts from veterans and their families.

5) Museum of West Bohemia

The wonderful Neo-Renaissance building of museum promises a unique experience. It offers four permanent exhibitions. You may visit the historic armoury which is the oldest in the Czech Republic, go thought the exhibitions of local history and archology or admire one of the best and largest local collections applied arts. It is up to you to choose.

6) Loos Interiors

In Pilsen, you can admire three beautiful apartment interiors designed by the world-famous architects Adolf Loos. He is also the author of Vila Müller in Prague or Loos House in Vienna. Enjoy the tour of Vogl´s and Kraus´ Apartments and observe the unique interior of Brummel House. You will also get familiar with the gripping stories of their former owners.

7) Techmania Science Center

You may spend the whole day in the Techmania Science Center located in former Škoda factories where you can try dozens of interactive displays and experiments. You can complement you visit by a movie or an astronomy programme in the local 3D Planetárium.

8) Brewery Museum and Historical Underground

You may also visit two interesting tourists attractions located in the original medieval brewing-house. First one offers a unique tour of medieval labyrinth of Pilsen Historical Underground, second one – in the Brewery Museum will guide you through the story of beer production since its very begging.