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Cultural centres

Měšťanská beseda (Burghers‘ Hall)

The Burghers‘ Hall Měšťanská beseda The Burghers‘ Hall was built in 1901 by Pilsen architect Francis Kotek. The architectural design of the building is dominated by the Neo-Renaissance style and the artistic decor is predominantly Art Nouveau. The building includes several social halls and lounges, the kino (cinema) Beseda, Jonas theater and a famous Art Nouveau café, and is one of the most important social and cultural centres in Pilsen. Since 1994, it has been a cultural monument.

Kopeckého sady 13, Plzeň,


Kulturní dům (cultural house) Peklo

Patton Memorial Pilsen

The neo-Renaissance building of the United Workers' House (Dělnický spolkový dům) was built in 1905-1907. It contains a large and small ballroom and a number of classrooms. Since 2005, the Patton Memorial Pilsen has been housed in the building. It is the only museum in Bohemia that is dedicated to the U.S. Army. The large hall, with excellent acoustics, is a cultural monument. KD Peklo is operated by Plzeň 2015.

Pobřežní 10, Plzeň,

Kulturní dům (cultural house) Šeříkovka

This cultural centre with a smaller stage, restaurant and bar hosts concerts, proms, weddings and exhibitions.

Šeříková 13, Plzeň,

Kulturní dům (cultural house) JAS, s.r.o.

This cultural centre has one of the largest halls in the city with excellent acoustics (capacity 400-700 people) and two large clubhouses. It is the venue for graduation balls, corporate events, music concerts, regular Sunday tea dances and a number of other events, such as dance classes, lectures, seminars and workshops, exhibitions and sales activities, clubs and social organizations.

Jablonského 39, Plzeň,