Bikes have their place in Pilsen. With a location at the confluence of four rivers, people have the opportunity to use trails winding along all of them. They can not only ride bikes, but also go in-line skating or on foot.

Example of a short bike trip from the city centre (slightly hilly terrain)

1. Around Bolevecké rybníky (ponds) (4 hours)

Štruncovy sady (park) - from the confluence of the Radbuza and Mže rivers. Across a footbridge and through a field to Bolevecký pond (swimming area). Past the Velký Bolevecký dam (largest pond) to Košinář rybník (pond). Along Senecký rybník (pond), around the Sofronka arboretum to Kamenný rybník (pond) with peat bogs. Stop at the historical technical monument - the resin furnace. Around the top of Okrouhlík hill past the municipal transport terminus in Košutka to the viewing tower Sylván (free access). Downhill to Radčice (refreshments) and floodplain of the river Mže around Kalikovský mlýn (restaurant) to the city centre (with the possibility of stopping at the Pilsen Zoo).

2. Scenic Route (3 hours)

Štruncovy sady - from the confluence of the Radbuza and Mže rivers across the bridge to Bolevecké rybníky (ponds) in the direction of Bílá hora. Turn-off to Pecihrádek around the Church of sv. Jiří (St. George) to the top of Chlum hill (access to the viewing tower). Past a scenic view to the Božkov district (refreshments) and along the Úslava river back to the centre.

3. Route for children and adults (4 hours)

From the centre along the Radbuza River (possibility of resting in the Škoda Sports Park) and along the Úhlava river to Hradiště (playground equipment for children, refreshments and swimming), optional detour to the meditation garden (approx. 2 km longer). Further on through the districts of Černice (refreshments) and Koterov (village conservation area). Further on along the Úslava River through the Božkov district to the city centre. Adults can extend the trip to the top of the Radyně hill with castle ruins or along the foot of the hill to reach Starý Plzenec (refreshments). From there, across the meadow to Koterov, on to Božkov and back to the centre.

4. Western edge of Pilsen (4 hours)

Along the river Mze to Křimice (refreshments) – in the direction of Radčice, then through a field to Slovanské údolí (valley), turn-off to Nová hospoda. Through the Hradčín les (forest) around the reservoir České údolí, further on to České údolí park, along the Radbuza river (refreshments by the tennis courts) to the city centre.

5. Around Pilsen (50 km, day trip)

From the centre along the tree-lined Kilometrovka (one-kilometre-long) path to the Pilsen Zoo. Along the road past the rocks Čertova kazatelna (Devil's Pulpit) to Radčice (refreshments), further on to Sylván Hill (access to viewing tower) past the final bus stop in Košutka to Bolevecké rybníky (ponds), historic resin furnace, Kamenný and Senecký rybníky (ponds). Beyond Bílá hora across the footbridge to the Berounka river and Chlum hill. Continue to Újezd to enjoy a beautiful view in the direction of Božkov (refreshments), further on to the final bus stop and along Nepomucka třída (avenue) to the Úhlava river. Over the footbridge to the meditation garden (possibility to relax), the cottage area Výsluní, across the Litická footbridge to Borská přehrada (dam) and through the woods to Nová hospoda. Downhill to Křimice (refreshments) and along the Mže river back to the centre. The trip leads mainly along roads.

Tips for bike trips - map download

Bike tours

A unique service that Pilsen is the only city in the country to offer. Unlike tours of castles and chateaux, participants in bike tours become familiar mainly with natural wonders and protected sites. They discover new places and bike routes allow them to avoid roads while doing so. Bike tours take place in the summer every second Thursday and Saturday of the month. More detailed information can be found on the regional information portal for cyclists

An overview of bike routes can be found on the map portal city of Pilsen.

Bike tours