Sigmond nature trail

This seven-kilometer trail is easy and leads mostly through wooded terrain along well-kept roads. There are fifteen stops along the way, such as at Petrovka nature reserve, Petrovský spring, the memorable spruce tree Troják (which age is estimated at 140 years), cross-stones, a tar furnace (an important technical monument from the 18th century, the only surviving furnace for the production of resin in the Czech Republic).

Nature trail in the footsteps of František Maloch

One of the oldest preserved trails in the Pilsen area leads along the left bank of the Berounka River. The trail begins in the suburban district of Bílá Hora and leads to the ruins of the castle Věžka near the village of Druztová. On the 9-kilometer trail you will be accompanied by eleven information boards. The Maloch trail is interesting from a historical perspective. Bílá Hora, the small fortress called Roudná in the village of Druztová and Čertův mlýn are all historic sites interesting to both children and adults.

Forestry Nature Trail Zábělá

Zábělá Nature Reserve (32 ha) is located in the suburban part of town Bukovec of the right bank of the Berounka River. The 5-km nature trail has two starting points-from Bukovec or Zábělá and 10 stops along the way. During the trip, you will learn not only about natural pine forest and hornbeam-oak relict wood with rich grove vegetation, but also about the history of a 2000 year-old fortification on the Holý vrch (bald peak) trail. It is also used by cyclists and ends at Dolanský most (bridge).

Nature Trail in the Arboretum Sofronka

The arboretum is located in the Bolevec ponds recreation area. It is a unique collection of pine trees, one of the largest on the Eurasian continent. The Sofronka Nature Trail (750 m) passes through 20 habitats and acquaints visitors with the most interesting types of pine trees from around the world.

Forest Park Nature Trail Homolka

This interactive nature trail for children is located in the park and forest park Homolka in the Pilsen neighborhood Slovany. Sightseeing tour with 13 stops is intended mainly for children of preschool and lower school age. Children are guided along the trail by a cartoon squirrel called Homolička, who assign tasks to them or gives hints to help them fulfill the tasks. Children can find help on revolving signs and wooden dice with photos at selected stops.

Úslava Valley Nature Trail

The River Nature Trail, about 9 km long, runs along the river from Koterov to the confluence with the Berounka in Pilsen (near the Church of sv. Jiří). The path through the Úslava valley features 13 signs highlighting points of interest from the field of biology, geology, history, technical monuments, etc. The trail is also easily accessible by bike.

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