Views of Pilsen can be enjoyed not only from the tower of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, but also from three viewing towers located on the outskirts of the city. From the hills Krkavec, Chlum and Sylván you will have at your fingertips not only the entire city, but when visibility is good, you will be able to see the peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges – Šumava, Krušné hory (mountains), or Brdy. An equally fascinating view is offered by the ruins of the castle Radyně near Starý Plzenec.

Around the five Bolevecké rybníky (ponds) (6 km)

From the final stop for tram number 4 (Košutka), we go along the yellow trail past Šídlovský rybník (pond) to Kamenný rybník (you can turn onto another trail to get to a technical monument – a historic resin furnace-1 km away). After crossing the main road we go past the Sofronka arboretum (possibility to go along a 750-m-long nature trail) to Senecký rybník (pond). Along the pond Košinář to the Velký bolevecký rybník (large pond) dam , where city bus number 20 stops. In summer refreshments are available.

Zábělá (6-km circuit)

We start in the city district Bukovec (from the bus stop Bukovec-bus number 28). The trail connects with the Zábělá nature trail, thanks to which you will see not only a beautiful gamekeeper’s cottage, but also
century-old mixed forest groves and rich vegetation on a rocky promontory above the Berounka River. The most beautiful time to walk the Zábělá nature trail is in spring, when the hillside is dotted with spring flowers. To return to Bukovec take the red-marked trail. No refreshments are available.

To Krkavec (11-km circuit)

From the final stop of tram number 4 (Košutka) go along the red trail past Strženka rybník (pond) in the nature reserve Petrovka. Continue through a pine forest to Krkavec hill (504 m above sea level) with a viewing tower and snacks. Go back to the red trail (then continue along the blue trail). Go around the top of Sytná hill and past a few old sand quarries. The blue trail will lead you back to the final stop of tram number 4.

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