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Theatres and Entertainment


How about going taking the children to see a fairy tale at the weekend? There is a considerable range of theatres that regularly puppet fairy tales include in their repertoire.

Divadlo Alfa

The long and glorious tradition of puppetry is just as much a part of Pilsen as its popular golden brew. A look into the past recalls the names of famous puppeteers Karel Novák, Josef Skupa and Jiří Trnka, all of whom are closely associated with the western Bohemian metropolis. The Alfa Theatre is based on this puppet tradition and continues the tradition of the first professional puppet theatre in the former Czechoslovakia – the Pilsen puppet theatre of Professor Skupa as well as the Children’s Theatre, which operated from 1966 in a historical building on today’s Americká třída (avenue). Today, The Alfa Theatre offers performances to audiences of all generations. A wide range of performances begins with classic fairy tales and ends with the poetry of Jacques Prévert. The 15-member group prefers a comedy theatre concept, offering an original form of entertainment to audiences both at home and abroad.

Divadlo Alfa

Divadlo JoNáš

The JoNáš Theatre is a small chamber theatre with 80 seats located in the cellar of The Burgher’s Hall (Měšťanská beseda ) in Pilsen, once the home of the Divadlo Dialog. The JoNáš came into existence after reconstruction in the years 2001-2004, and was officially opened in 2002. In the years since, actor Jiří Suchý has become the godfather of the theatre. Chamber performances take place in the little theatre. The theatre is also a venue for concerts, composition evenings and fairy tales on Sundays (fairy tales for children from the age of 3).

Theatre Society of the Špalíček Puppet Theatre

The oldest amateur puppet theatre in Pilsen (founded in 1923 and in operation to this day). It offers a programme especially for preschoolers. In addition to fairy tales by well-known Czech writers, it offers performances of works from its own repertoire. The group regularly attends meetings of puppeteers at shows and festivals, and organizes tours to see performances throughout the country and abroad.

V BouděTheatre

The V Boudě Theatre is an amateur puppet ensemble that has been operating in Pilsen since its inception in 1928. The regular productions of this theatre are intended for the youngest of audiences – preschoolers. Apart from classical productions, the theatre also offers differently conceived, innovative performances – diverse in the use of different types of puppets, various theatrical space and various staging approaches.

Jezírko Theatre Club

The Jezírko Theatre Club is full of young people who are trying to be even younger, that is, a child audience. Their repertoire includes a wide range of fairy tale performances, such as Animals and Bandits, The Princess of Solimania, Babes in the Wood and Little Red Riding Hood.