Trips with Bartholomew the Camel

Basic information

Obrázek velblouda BartolomějeBasic Information

Not only the city of Pilsen but also its surroundings are ideal for visits to interesting places. There is so much to see that one day will certainly not suffice. For residents and visitors to the city who do not know Pilsen, a Family Package is on offer – instructions for a long weekend with a trip to the surroundings of the city.

For those who would like to really get to know Pilsen and maybe even compete a bit, there are prepared trips with Bartholomew the Camel.

Family Package

Friday: Arrival in Pilsen in the afternoon. Check-in at place of accommodation. Tour of the Brewery Museum (for larger groups, educational programmes for children can be booked). An evening walk through the historical centre (including a climb to the top of the highest church tower in the Czech Republic), the park ring with views of the exteriors of historic buildings: Pilsen City Hall, the Grand Theatre, the Study and Research Library of the Pilsen Region, the Burgher’s Hall, Museum of West Bohemia, and a stop at the statue of Špejbl and Hurvínek. Dinner. Return to place of accommodation.

Saturday: Morning – departure and trip by tourist train to the zoo and Dinopark. Exhibition tour, a visit to the Lüftnerka village farmhouse on the grounds of the Zoo. Lunch. Afternoon: Theatre performances at the Alfa or JoNáš Theatre, or a film in the multiplex Cinema City Pilsen. Alternatively, visit the Slovany swimming pool with its waterslide, jacuzzis, swimming pool and wading pool. In beautiful weather walk along the Sigmond nature trail to the historic Kolomazná (Resin) furnace. Swimming in the largest pond, Pilsen-Bolevák. Return to place of accommodation.

Sunday: Breakfast. Morning – visit to the Museum of Ghosts and Pilsen Historical Underground. For older children: climbing centre – monkey track in Škoda Park Pilsen Doudlevce or visit to Škoda Sports Park (inline skating, skating, climbing wall)
Continue to Dnešice – 10km from Pilsen in the direction of Klatovy. Tour of the country town Halter Valley – the Wild West in western Bohemia.


Dear hikers

I am Bartholomew the Camel and I will be happy to help you when planning a trip to our city. I have lived in this city for so long that I am now part of the city emblem. That is why I know about everything that's happened in Pilsen for centuries. Do you know, for example, about Pilsen legends? You don’t? And yet Pilsen has so many historical buildings with an interesting history - and it’s often visible on the buildings themselves! And do you know that Spejbl and Hurvínek were born in Pilsen? And that the first Czech printed book was made here?

I'll tell you about everything, and when you come to Pilsen, I will guide you through all the interesting places ...


1. Pilsen house signs and legends

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

Just as I am named after Saint Bartholomew, the patron saint of the cathedral in Pilsen, to make it clear that I am a Pilsen camel and the houses have names ...

In times past it was customary to name houses, which helped with orientation in the city.

Houses were named after their owners, according to the purpose they served, or according to stories connected to the history of the house ...

I will familiarize you with 26 houses and places in the city centre, and you will see that their names will take you back to the old days when not only people and camels had names.


Historical places (pdf, 508 KB) - description of places along the route
Glossary of foreign words used (pdf, 174 kB)

2. Pilsen – the birthplace of Spejbl and Hurvínek

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

Do you like fairy tales as much as I do? And not just acted out and cartoon ones, but ones with puppets as well? Well, of course. After all, who wouldn’t like Spejbl and Hurvínek? But did you know that these two guys were born right here in Pilsen? You didn’t? So why not come to see us and at the same time learn something about puppet theatre, its history and tradition.

Although today you won’t find Spejbl and Hurvínek in Pilsen (they were so famous that they moved to Prague), you can visit the Divadlo Alfa (Alfa Theatre), where you will find a whole ensemble of wonderful actors and a lot of beautiful fairy tales! And of course, there are even some about the camel!


A brief history of puppeteery (pdf, 296 KB)
How Spejbl and Hurvínek were born in Pilsen (pdf, 296 kB)
Legends of Pilsner puppeteery (pdf, 423 kB)
Puppet route around Pilsen (pdf, 305 kB)


3. In Search of a Pilsen book

Obrázek velblouda BartolomějeSo that you wouldn´t have to carry around too much knowledge to fit into your small head, e.g. in a gibbus, as I do with water, your wise ancestors started writing it in books.


Book cognition (pdf, 181 kB)
Pilsen and the first books (pdf, 297 kB)
Letterprint in Pilsen (pdf, 310 kB)
Pilsen libraries (pdf, 321 kB)
A small encyclopedia of terms (pdf, 482 kB)


4. Brewing in Pilsen

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

„I, Bartholomew, travel round the world and praise the gilded vintage from our city everywhere!“

The encyclopedia says that a carter is a person who practices the now completely forgotten carter´s craft which was heavy or long-distance transportation of goods using the power of horses. On wagons going from Pilsen, there were mainly barrels of beer.

Brewing in Pilsen has a long tradition and Pilsner beer is well-known all over the world. A tour of the Brewery Museum and Pilsner Urquell Brewery will show you the ways of brewing in the past and today.


Brewing in Pilsen (pdf, 216 kB)

5. Zábělá Nature Trail

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje“I will not ride into the forest, I will not go into the forest, if the gamekeeper were to come, he would take my axe ...” Oh, so this is a song of my youth, when I was in the woods with my grandfather learning to recognize poisonous herbs, broadleaved trees and all kind of forest animals.

Would you also like to know everything and stop feeling frightened in the forest? Take the nature trail leading through the Zábělá nature park. During the 5km long journey you will discover natural, forestry, historical and technical matters of interest. The beginning and the end of our journey is in Bukovec.


Zábělá Nature Trail (pdf, 214 kB)

6. Exploring the footsteps of František Maloch

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

I´ll take you to the beautiful places visited by famous Pilsen botanist Mr. Maloch. He was a very clever man who was interested in nature and especially loved plants. He examined them and wrote books about them. The tour we will follow is named after him as a way of saying thanks for his work. I will see to it that you don’t get bored! The Berounka valley is beautiful, and we will visit the legendary Devil´s Mill (Čertův mlýn) as well as the Věžka castle ruins where some treasure is supposedly buried. So get yourself ready and see you on the trail!


Exploring the footsteps of František Maloch (¨pdf, 221 kB)

7. Bolevec ponds

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

Get your swimwear, skates, crayons, fishing rod and let’s head to the water. You say these things don’t go together? But they do! We will use all of these things at Bolevec pond. It is true that each thing will be used in a different season, but in each one we will have fun, relax and the charming natural areas. A half-day trip is enough for you to discover the magic of these places ... and now – let’s go have a good time and take in the beauty of our ponds!


Bolevec ponds (pdf, 225 kB)


8. Sigmond trail

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

To get a little rest from the classroom, we will be together today in the outdoors. I hope that you all bring backpacks, a large snack, something to drink, a good mood and your bravery. Today's trip follows the Sigmond trail and among other discoveries, we will also find the headquarters of the thieving knight.

In 2-3 hours we'll return, full of adventures!

Do not worry, your feet will certainly not hurt. Although the trail measures 7 km, it has 15 stops full of surprises. So are you ready? Let’s go...


Sigmond educational trail (pdf, 224 kB)

9. Animal Rescue Shelter

Obrázek velblouda BartolomějeOw, ow, ow, that hurts. I really am clumsy. I missed my footing and now I have a swelling on my ankle. For me, a doctor always arrives, but who takes care of the animals that live freely in the wild when they get hurt? Some die, others become easy prey to predators, and some are lucky to make it to the animal rescue station in Pilsen’s Doubravka district.

And because everyone is pleased by a visit from a friend and something to eat, I'll bring some goodies - nuts, beechnuts, carrots, dry bread and a little grain - and I'll go have a look at the sick.


Animal Rescue shelter (pdf, 212 kB)


10. Zoological and Botanical Gardens of the City of Pilsen and DinoPark

Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

Hooray and it’s off we go to see my friends at the zoo!! The Pilsen zoo is the second oldest in the country and for its residents, there is absolutely exemplary care.

And how do I know?

I spend nearly all of my time there!

1150 kinds of animals from all over the world live in our Zoo. It is connected with a botanical (full of flora) and Japanese garden (full of beautifully arranged stones) and is right next to the sensational Dinopark (full of life-size Mesozoic dinosaur models). At the Lüftnerka farmhouse, find yourself in the times of your grandmothers and in the petting zoo, you can pet sheep, goats and rabbits.

And for those who need more, you can hop over to the unusual exposition called Akva-tera, which is on Palacký Square in Pilsen.


Zoological and botanical gardens of the City of Pilsen and DinoPark (pdf, 198 kB)