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Trips with Bartholomew the Camel


Obrázek velblouda Bartoloměje

Hooray and it’s off we go to see my friends at the zoo!! The Pilsen zoo is the second oldest in the country and for its residents, there is absolutely exemplary care.

And how do I know?

I spend nearly all of my time there!

1150 kinds of animals from all over the world live in our Zoo. It is connected with a botanical (full of flora) and Japanese garden (full of beautifully arranged stones) and is right next to the sensational Dinopark (full of life-size Mesozoic dinosaur models). At the Lüftnerka farmhouse, find yourself in the times of your grandmothers and in the petting zoo, you can pet sheep, goats and rabbits.

And for those who need more, you can hop over to the unusual exposition called Akva-tera, which is on Palacký Square in Pilsen.


Zoological and botanical gardens of the City of Pilsen and DinoPark (pdf, 198 kB)